Music Listings Copenhagen, 31st Jan- 6th Feb

Friday 31st

Proton: Felix Kubin / Mitch & Mitch

Copenhagen Jazz house; Fri 31st Feb; 21:00, 150 kr

Experimentation is the name of the game these days. Proton is the first installation of Copenhagen Jazz house’s attempt at billing live experimental electronic music on its menu. This particular daring premiere features Felix Kubin, one of the electronic music purists from Germany, whose uncouth, brute sound sounds like it was mass produced in a Ruhr factory and let loose in a decaying quarter of Berlin. He’ll be teaming up with Polish band Mitch & Mitch, a polyphonic 9 man squad, a marriage of a zebra and a fox and what can either end up in sheer genius or unbearable cacophony.

Sunday 2nd Feb

Ellie Goulding

Tap1 ; Sun 2nd Feb; 20:00, 230 kr

Ushering the distant (and seemingly incomprehensible) light of spring at the end of this bleak, dark winter tunnel, British electropop starlet Ellie Goulding will be wooing quite a few hearts with her cherry-sweet voice. Ellie had a Vega debut to forget in April last year where she produced a lackluster, 3 star concert though a boring crowd did have a lot to do with this. She’s grown since then, so much so that the concert, originally scheduled for Vega’s large hall, has now been moved to the industrial, grunge playground, Tap1. Expect an improved Goulding and a night to remember.


Monday 3rd Feb

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

Pumpehuset; Mon 3rd Feb; 20:00, 170 Kr

I will go as far as guaranteeing that Hypnotic Brass Ensemble’s concert at Pumpehuset will probably be the best concert of the month in February. What more can be said of a family of eight brothers who’ve performed with or alongside the likes of Tony Allen, Gorillaz, Prince and Erykah Badu ? Fans of The Hunger Games may recognise some of their brassy, instrumental music, which has been featured in the first Hunger Games film. Jazz trumpeter Tony Cohran’s sons are certainly doing their old man proud with their stage exploits, standing tall and proud as one of the greatest families in modern music .


Tuesday 4th February

Hiss Golden Messenger

Huset på magstræde; Tues 4th Feb; 20:00, 80 kr

When was the last time you went to a concert at Huset ? Hiss Golden Messenger are an American duo at the odd crossroads between traditional American folk and rolled-back country. Theirs is a music that is soothing and extremely easy to listen to, sliding with the grace of a sleek fish in blue waters. It is also riddled with religious themes and references of the heretic sort and rich in anecdotes and enduring tales of contemplation and muse. Banish your stereotypes about religiously-influenced music. These blokes are a class act and a solid February booking.


The Milk Carton Kids

Lille Vega; Tues 4th Feb; 21:00, 200 kr

The Milk Carton Kids play low-key, minimalist folk that veers on the borderline of Americana. In tandem with the revivalist crescendo in folk music, theirs is a story of two LA based musicians who’ve only recently started to gain the recognition they deserve for their musical forays. Part of this has a lot to do with their latest studio album, ‘The Ash and Clay,’ which dropped last year. Their work on this album has seen the duo cultivate and reinforce parallels between themselves and the likes of Norway’s Kings of Convenience, not a bad comparison, given the latter’s European popularity. You can be the judge as to how relevant this is.


Wednesday 5th February

Au Revoir Simone + Lover Lover

Loppen ; Wed 5th Feb; 21:00, 130 kr

Loppen have outdone themselves here, booking Au Revoir Simone at a time when most music venues are on hibernation mode. Warm dream pop that awakens burning passions of youthful nostalgia is the Brooklyn-based trios domain, a course they fly with elegant precision. Joining on the night are Lover Lover, a newly formed cheery electro pop duo from the Faroe islands who still need to perfect their craft, despite a promising ascent to prominence. They are very much diamonds in the rough, however, complete with the genius of imperfection and just enough rust to make them sound very unique indeed.




Dorma 21, Roberto Bosco

KB18; Fri 31st Jan; 23:55, 50

There’s nothing like a good helping of a night’s out worth of meatpacking district fun. There will be plenty of this to end your January with at KB18 as Italian producer and Dj Roberto Brosco comes to town, leading a young wolfpack of Dj’s whose music is featured in the Dorma 21 record store catalogue. This is very much an after-hour affair, so stock up on your sleep and come fresh !


Fiedel, Substance, versions, Brynjolfur


Culture Box; Sat 1st Feb; 21:00, 70 kr

Culture Box have stuck to their policy of booking German techno stalwarts every now and then to reinforce the club’s affiliation with the genre. This time round, Fiedel and Substance (aka Dj Pete Live) will be headlining the evening with their Berlin bastion techno. Well-known local lad Brynjolfur should provide a slight antidote to the piledriver-esque main room sounds.

Because we care – The unfair fashion aft…

KB18; Sat 1st Feb; 20:00, Free entrance for the first 100, 35kr for the rest

A taste of some of the designers that’ll be showcasing their wares at this year’s fashion week later in the year can be found in the dark, grime- like confines of KB18’s concrete walls. Free entrance and goodies for the first 100 and a low entrance fee thereafter ought to be enough to lure you. If not, add on an afterparty with Kødbyen mainstay Brynjolfur and we’re good to go.

Expo techno

Culture Box; Fri 31st Jan; 19.30, 70 kr

Expo Techno is a bit of a wildcard on Culture Box’s part. In keeping with the club’s policy of scouting and crafting new talents, several poorly known DJ’s from here there and everywhere will have the chance to showcase their trade. Featuring a workshop from early on in the evening, the real fun starts at 21:00 so if you don’t want to go all-in, show up late.