It is with great pleasure that I introduce the website of one of my best-mates, Mischa Nielsen.


Mulling over life’s complexities at Eataly, Ilum, central Copenhagen

Mischa and I met 7 odd years ago at Roskilde University, at the start of our bachelor studies. From the off, it was clear that we had many common interests, such as partying constantly and playing music. Over the years, we travelled to 7 different countries together, along with our good friend, Edoardo Bottalico, growing from enterprising pups to young men in the process.


Mischa and I kiling it at a carnival party some years back

As bilingual kids in Danish society, Mischa and I share some of the same views about growing up in international environments and we both have an equally eclectic taste in music. His travails and love of food and wine have led him down the somelier route and i’ve wound up in content marketing but our passion for writing still unites us.

After toying with the prospect for a while, Mischa ha finally got his website up and running. is a site that combines his favourite pastimes; writing, music and wine, inspired by Zorba The Greek no less.  Check it out after the jump!

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