petal Studies





Camera: Iphone 3Gs

Subject: Rose petals


The Infinite Train Track Rolls On : A Portrait of Spain

The train track rolls on infinite

The woes and whims of an entire nation subdued

By the weight of an entire peninsula

Locked away from the billowing shades of darkness that whistle past with every jolt

The wind at bay, my thoughts astray

Spread thinly across the central Iberian underworld like pale ash in the river of Eden

Hopes, dreams, aspirations asphyxiated by the ways of the world and the rumble of rails and coins

These days all they talk about is life as a crisis, a faded shadow of a forgotten form

A formidable giant laid to rest in the swaying, swerving mass beneath the sewers and piping

Next stop, the port of the South, exit unknown, destination vague

The world outside is as dark as the indomitable underworld

Lit  by the embers of a few flickering hopes of a few unfaltering souls

This is the light I intend to walk in

The shades of the shadows tamed

Like the gentle waves of a twlight ocean

My fears culled, social hysteria quelled

For tomorrow a new horizon beckons

From golden shores and shimmering sands


Note found on the Madrid underground: ” Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen, I am a poor girl, I’ve got a child. I don’t have a job and I’m begging for help to help put food on the table for my child. Many thanks”

Stories From the Underground: Madrid Metro Line 10

Yesterday in Madrid’s metro line 10 I came across an extraordinary young man playing this song in return for a bit of dough. The song is about communters in the metro and on the importance of smiling to each other.

What was most impressive about it all was the fact that when many commuters (the majority of people on the train) didn’t tip him, all the artist said was “thank you very much for the smile and have a nice day”

He finished off by reminding everyone that in spite of the hard times this country is experiencing, it is important to smile and be positive, thanking everyone who had smiled with him for doing so and asking those who hadn’t (the vast majority) to reflect on his message.

In and age of self-absorbed musicians with the ability to make an impact on people’s lives in the crisis, this fellow is a shining example of what being a musician is really about. It’s not about him, it’s all about the message he’s delivering. Think about this fellow artists and let’s make the world smile !