Denmark’s ten must-see concerts in December

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Christmas dominates the proceedings in December, but the month still features several promising shows, particularly within the drum ‘n’ bass and heavy metal genres

If stadium-sized gigs are your thing, December is definitely not the month for you. More intimate, less commercial gigs are a bit of a given in a month in which shopping and julefrokoster eat up our time,  and amongst these, several hold great potential as events to be remembered.

The Local has gone digging amongst the scraps and found the best of the lot.

Children of Bodom
Amager Bio, December 1st at 8pm
What was originally supposed to be a double bill with Lamb of God at Vega has been downsized after the American band cancelled its tour in the aftermath of the Paris attacks. Finland’s Children of Bodom are soldiering on and will bring their seemingly gruesome and even barbaric thunderous approach to metal to rip whatever rafters bind Amager Bio’s roof to its hinges. ‘I Worship Chaos’ is the title of their ninth studio album, which was released earlier this year, adding to a catalogue of chaos-causing music over the years.


Doe Parro
Ideal Bar, December 2nd at 8pm
If you hear Doe Parro’s name mentioned in the same breath as Bon Iver or The Tallest Man on Earth, you may quite rightly wonder why. LA-based Parro is not a rock musician by any stretch of the imagination but her producers have had great success with the previously mentioned artists – a testament to her eclecticism, which spans the genres of R&B, soul and even the odd touch of dubstep.


Rust, December 2nd at 8pm
Kadavar are a watered-down take on Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, featuring similar trippy, heavily laden rock influences. Armed with a new album,  ‘Berlin’, expect burly, broad-shouldered show from these German heavyweights.


Store Vega, December 4th at 7pm
Clutch epitomise all that is good and great about the American hard-rock tradition. Touring in support of their 2015 album ‘Psychic Warfare’, the Maryland-based band has been a mainstay for well over 20 years. With the band seasoned veterans in what Consequence of Sound dubbed “belligerent boogie rock”, Clutch will be the soundtrack for a Friday night party not to be missed.


Flavour, Dj Graded & Luc Rocc
Rust, December 5th at 11pm
Rust’s new nightclub fixture ‘Flavour’ kicks off its December programme with a visit from two of hip-hop’s veritable local representatives. Dj Grdaded, a four-time Danish DMC champion and two-time Nordic champ, is a permanent establishment within Copenhagen’s hip-hop scene. Luc Rocc is slightly less well-known but holds an impressive portfolio as one of the city’s foremost disc jockeys.


Area 55
Store Vega, December 5th at 11:30 pm
Area 55 is a trance collective that has hosted some of the city’s most renowned underground trance events, many of which have taken place in venues such as KPH Volume and Halvandet. The setting this time round is a well-known music venue, cementing the rise of electronic music into the commercial narrative locally.


Store Vega, December 7th at 8pm
Although the name sounds like it belongs to a heavy metal band, Thundercat is one of the standouts in the R&B world. Los-Angeles based Stephen “Thundercat” Bruner has worked with the likes of Erykah Badu, Kendrick Lamar, Suicidal Tendencies and his co-producer and partner in crime, Flying Lotus. This is a man whose rhythmic qualities are peerless, so prepare for some great entertainment.

OHOI! Presents Christmas Bass
Stengade, December 12th at 10pm
Bass legends, The OHOI! drum ‘n’ bass collective are back with a mammoth lineup for their annual Christmas ball. Particularly impressive on a list of names that showcases some of the best underground talent in the city is Rasmus Kjærbo, an experienced producer who lives and breathes music. Prepare for a bass invasion.


Dubioza Kolektiv
Loppen, December 18th at 9pm
What better way to prepare for the festive season than with a dose of Bosnian Balkan Beat? High-octane, adrenaline-pumping action is on the menu for the evening, held at Christiania’s Loppen, a befitting location for the occasion.


Ulige Numre, Extra Concert
Store Vega, December 28th at 8pm
The voice of the new generation of Danish rock, Ulige Numre (Odd Numbers) will be performing at a sold-out show at Vega at the start of December. For those unable to catch a piece of the action, the band will be back at Vega on the cusp on the new year to perform a show that should be rich in memories and merry-making.

Roskilde Picks: Day 4

With a schedule full of acts, it can be difficult to make choices. Our music writers give you their picks for the must-see concerts of the festival’s final day.
Original article:
Although the energy may be running low by the last day, Roskilde fans always rally for a strong finish (Torkil Adsersen/Scanpix)
Although it is known as much for the camping, the partying and the “orange feeling”, believe it or not, for some people the Roskilde Festival is still all about the music.
With a full schedule across the festival’s seven stages, it can sometimes be hard to know when to go where. The Copenhagen Post offers our picks for each day’s best concerts, but any Roskilde veteran would caution against planning your schedule too carefully. Part of the beauty of the festival is stumbling across new acts and stepping outside of your musical comfort zones.
But if you are unfamiliar with some of the names on the schedule and want to know a little more, here are our picks for Sunday, the final day of the 2013 Roskilde Festival:
12:30, Odeon
Pick up your swords and shields, and get ready for Ensiferum! The folk-based quintet Ensiferum is as melodic as it is heavy. The Finns have always been known to produce some of the best melodic metal, and this folk/Viking metal outfit are no exception. Their songs are folksy in the most crucial of terms, get ready to dance and sing your hearts out with these patrons of Viking lore.  Michalis Nielsen
Dub step's reluctant poster boy delivered a memorable Roskilde performance in 2011Dub step’s reluctant poster boy delivered a memorable Roskilde performance in 2011

James Blake

14:30, Orange
The dub-step producer made a name for himself as he sauntered off the beaten track jigsawing together an eclectic blend of sombre dub-step, electro and Thom Yorke-inspired elements in the mid-‘00s, leading to his place as the poster boy for dub-step’s new generation. Although Blake is hardly comfortable in the limelight, he has perhaps unknowingly matured into one of the figureheads of the current renaissance of electronic music alongside the likes of Nicolas Jaar, Jamie Woon and Four Tet. His status has only gained greater momentum following the release of his new album Overgrown (2013), which further blurs the boundaries between dubstep and electronica further with light piano loops, gospel-folk choir sections and emotionally taxing lyrical themes. Daniel van der Noon
Azealia Banks is one of the hottest things in rap todayAzealia Banks is one of the hottest things in rap today

Azealia Banks

16:00, Cosmopol
Promoting herself through the internet, this Harlem rapper was discovered at the age of 17. The now only 22-year-old has just one way ahead of her: success and fame. She is best known for her coarse and unpolished language on tracks like ‘212’ from 2011. Azealia Banks claimed the third spot in BBC’s ‘Sound of 2012’ and released the album Broke With Expensive Taste in April, making her name smoking hot, especially for the hip-hop happy festival guests. Sigrid Neergaard
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
16:45, Orange
The San Francisco garage band have distinguished themselves from their contemporaries with an edgy style of neo-psychedelia. Taking inspiration from the likes of The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, and The Stone Roses, the trio pride themselves on an equal balance of long, drawn out distorted instrumental sections, thoroughbred rock ‘n’ roll lyrics and a nostalgic New York Dolls goth image. Daniel van der Noon
They may call themselves Queens, but they are the kings of coolThey may call themselves Queens, but they are the kings of cool

Queens of the Stone Age

19:00, Orange
Even before the release of the band’s sixth album, … Like Clockwork, in June, this was one of the most promising picks of the 2013 Roskilde Festival. But with a month for an album that is arguably the band’s best since 2002’s Songs for the Deaf to grow on fans, the anticipation for this show has been upped substantially. With consomate cool dude Josh Homme at the forefront, QOTSA will be looking to put a strong end to the Orange Stage’s rock offerings for this year. Teamed up with the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club show before it, the festival’s main stage is going to be rocker paradise on the last day. One can only hope that when we hear ‘My God is the Sun’, we are actually bathed in the sunlight that was promised but has been slow to come. Justin Cremer
If a concert comes with 3D glasses, it's got to be a memorable performance, right?If a concert comes with 3D glasses, it’s got to be a memorable performance, right?


22:00, Orange

Kraftwerk first started making music in the 70s, and the Germans are considered to be one of the most influential musicians in modern music, with an impact on the global scene that is close to that of The Beatles. Musicians the world over have been inspired by Kraftwerk’s music, style and image, which has garnered praise from the likes of Depeche Mode, Afrika Bambataa and even David Bowie. Featuring a highly revered 3-D show, Kraftwerk are more of an experience than a band. Roskilde’s decision to slot them as the final act on the Orange Stage will surely leave many revelers with a positive aftertaste of the festival that will help tide them over until next year. Allan Mutuku-Kortbæk

Dubioza Kolektiv
24:00, Arena
Dubioza Kolektiv are a band of crazy Bosnians known for their energetic amalgamation of Balkan rhythms, reggae, rock and dub. Their musical backdrop is brassy and euphoric, yet their lyrics contain political undertones of anti-nationalism, making them spokespeople for unity and peace in the Balkans. They will be performing their Balkan frenzy at this year’s final party. Catch them at the large Arena stage alongside Californian ska-champs Voodoo Glow Skulls.  Michalis Nielsen