Distortion Festival – Vesterbro

Day II of the 20th edition of Copenhagen’s Distortion Festival, as seen from my hood, Vesterbro.

Distortion Vesterbro Allan Kortabek 1

Distortion Vesterbro Allan Kortabek 2

Distortion Vesterbro Allan Kortabek 3

Distortion Vesterbro Allan Kortabek 4

Distortion Vesterbro Allan Kortabek 5

Distortion Vesterbro Allan Kortabek 6

Distortion Vesterbro Allan Kortabek 7

Distortion Vesterbro Allan Kortabek 8

Distortion Vesterbro Allan Kortabek 9

Distortion Vesterbro Allan Kortbaek

Going Underground: Sept 2013

As the festival season comes to a gradual end and the summer ebbs gently away, paving the way for the arrival of autumn, you’d be pleased to know that there are still quite a few events that’ll pique your interest in the city over the next month or so. Distortion Festival is back (if only momentarily in a minuscule late summer version, Red Bull will be throwing a huge event by Christiansborg plus there are several very interesting rock-related gigs here and there. Here’s the best of the bunch :

Friday 6th September: Distortion Garden party, AmagerFælled / 50 DKK- free entrance for everyone with a street armband from this year’s Distortion festival: Little is known about Distortion’s late summer garden party, other than that there will be a festival setup complete with different tents and the well-known rave bus. The relaxing confines of AmagerFælled are as an deal a location as any and with quite a few people committed to attending, expect a bright, breezy and entertaining evening.

Saturday 7th September, 13:00 : Red Bull Copen’Waken 2013 / FREE Red Bull are the maestros of cultural event design in the modern day, venturing into everything from arranging Snowboarding championships to running a very laissez faire albeit highly successful Formula one team. Their Cliff Diving competition held earlier this year off the glitzy Opera house was a huge success. This time round, Red Bull will be assembling 16 of the nation’s most adroit Wakeboarders for a competition that will leave many a spectator gasping at the array of trickery and showmanship. It all takes place by the canals alongside the iconic Danish Parliament, Christiansborg and is, unsurprisingly, free.


Red Bull CopenWaken 2013

Saturday 7th September, 21:00 : Concrete Rockers #1 Soundsystem Release: Bolsjefabrikken Ragnhildgade / FREE between 21:00-23:00, 40 DKK afterwards: Bolsjefabrikken or “The Candy Factory” is about as close to the mirror-free grunge environment of Berlin’s revered cultural aesthetics as you can come in these parts. With the more popular Bolsjefabrikken on Lærkevej set to close soon, the good news is that the larger, more spacious of the two candy factories on Ragnildgade has got a revamped soundsystem which will be tried for the first time on the evening. “Concrete Rockers” is the first in the series of musical events at the venue focused on showcasing heavy dub- based sounds.

Thursday 19th September, 21:00 : French Films, Ideal Bar: 90 DKK: Finnish alternative rockers French Films have got a new album out and return to Denmark following a solid showing at Roskilde’s pavilion junior stage last year. French Films sound like a sprightly concoction of The Beach Boys fused with Indie influences not too different from bands like Vampire Weekend. The band will be visiting Ideal Bar as part of their European / American tour, promoting their latest album, White Orchid.




Finnish band French Films: http://www.blablablahscience.com


Thursday 26th September, 21:00 : Shannon and The Clams, Drone : FREE: Nørrebro’s Drone is one of the few clubs in the city dedicated specifically to rock music. Loud, intimate and smoky, the venue welcomes Indie garage-punk trio, Shannon and The Clams for what should be a lively night. The Oakland-based indie group sound like a mix between the cult psychedelic bands of the 60’s fused with an ecstatic modern-day touch that mimics the style and mannerisms of synthpop act Santigold and will be backed by local band Fright Eye.

Friday 27th September : Chef Records, Store Vega: 200 DKK : The Danish Dancehall mafia, Chef Records have been performing at almost every music venue in the city this year, backed by the popularity of the likes of Raske Penge, Top Gunn and Klumben, all of whom are enjoying booming success as artists. Expect a sold-out show and lots of dancing.



Chef Record’s Raske Penge: Photo/ http://www.vimeo.com

Saturday 5th October, 19:00 : Danish Beatbox Championships, Pumpehuset : 60 DKK pre-sale, 80 DKK at the door: Beatboxing is a musical discipline that has yet to attain recognition as an independent form of expression. The recently formed Danish Beatbox union (DBF) is however working on championing this cause locally and will be hosting an entertaining showcase of 16 of the nation’s slickest beat boxers, who have been selected on the basis of pre-sent video material. With rumours of a live stream of the event to a global audience rife, this is one show you’d like to say you had the pleasure of going to.