Denmark’s ten must-see concerts in September

Original article written for The Local Denmark, available here

September is a month synonymous with the buzz of the back-to-school rush and new beginnings for many. As we head into a late Indian summer (which we all hope will last just a bit longer), there are quite a few shows popping up on The Local’s gig radar.

The Charlatans
Amager Bio, September 2 at 8pm
Amager Bio have pulled off a major coup here, reeling in a band whose contribution to rock music for over 20 years has been nothing short of seminal. Despite not being able to steal the Madchester scene’s heart with as much aplomb as contemporaries such as The Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses did in their heyday, this is a band that has had all 12 of its studio albums chart amongst the UK Top 40 (three of which have graced the number one spot).

Store Vega, September 10 at 8pm
Probably the only genuine rock booking on Vega’s calendar this September, Foals are a quintet that hail from Oxford, England. Stalwarts in any good modern-day rock playlist, theirs is an upbeat and raucous on the genre that features indie-esque vocals in high, jittery pitches. A refreshing addition to late summer.

Parquet Courts
Pumpehuset, September 10 at 9pm
Strap in for a whizzing ride through rapid-fire rock laden with a hefty dose of summer campfire material. Originally from Texas, Parquet Courts sound like a a hybrid of Blink 182 and Vampire Weekend tipped with a psychedelic sting from the 13th Floor Elevators.

Soundvenue Session: Stormzy & Big Narstie
Pumpehuset, September 18 at 9pm
The prodigal son of genres such as garage, hip-hop and drum and bass, grime epitomizes the uncut, rude urban underground of London. Now enjoying a renaissance of sorts following a slight fade over the past years, grime’s rise has been picked up by Denmark’s Soundevenue magazine, which has booked two of the genre’s ambassadors, Stormzy & Big Narstie, for an evening of underground action at Pumpehuset.

James Zabiela
Culture Box, September 19 at 9pm
In the world in which superstar selfie DJs such as David Guetta and Steve Aoki are one-eyed men with the stature of kings in the land of the blind, technical maestros like James Zabiela are a refreshing reminder  that good things are hard to come by. Zabiela’s musical strengths are expressed through introspective, technically-astute explorations of the electronic music genre. Even by Culture Box’s standards, this is a great booking.

Vega Club & Borneland presents: Les Loups
Ideal Bar, 19 Sept at 11pm
The Borneland brothers (Jonas and Micki) have become a permanent fixture on the Copenhagen disco and house scene since they made their advances into it half a decade or so ago. Making the transition to music production, Borneland look to be taking other talented outfits under their wing – in this case, Les Loups. Prepare for an evening of pop-inclined house and nu disco.

Baby Love & The Van Dangos
Loppen, September 25 at 9pm
Arguably not the most well-known of bands, Baby Love & The Van Dangos churn out the sort of ska that would be at home on a Caribbean island. That they are, in fact, from cold and dreary Denmark only makes them more interesting and with a gig in Christiania, expect them to be entirely in their element.

Seasick Steve
Amager Bio, September 26 at 9pm
Seasick Steve epitomizes what music should be about. A self-trained musician, Steve fled a home eroded by alcohol at the tender age of 14 and lived the life of a wandering hobo for many years (he has since settled in Norway). Now an old and discerning man, Steve performs his spontaneous blues renditions using home-made instruments that lack acoustic perfection and are wholeheartedly brilliant by such virtue.

Reptile Youth & Abby Portner
Bremen Theatre, September 29 at 8:30 pm
When I first saw Reptile Youth a few years ago at the Roskilde Festival’s Pavilion Junior stage, I was blown away by their immense stage presence and thought to myself, “this band is headed somewhere.” Fast forward a few years and the Danish rock band are playing a more mature, settled sound backed by Mercedes Benz, who’ve jumped at the content marketing opportunity to support a group that could easily become the latest cult phenomenon. For this particular outing they will be joined by Abby Porter (known for her exploits with psychedelic pioneers Animal Collective), who will take care of the visual and stage setup.

Action Bronson
Store Vega, September 30 at 8pm
The physical appearance of Action Bronson bears a strange resemblance to the hirsute, hip-seeking types of hoods such as Vesterbro. An astute-as-they-come rapper and the son of an Albanian Muslim and an American Jew, Bronson epitomizes the plurality of New York’s Queens where he hails from. In under a year, he has gone from being a Lille Vega floor filler to a full-grown stage killer. We have yet to see the best of Action Bronson.

Denmark’s ten must-see concerts in August

Original article for The Local Denmark

With the lazy holiday month of July behind us, August promises a number of good musical experiences and festivals to round off the summer.
Heading into late summer, gone are the roaring, chaotic festivals of June and the sedate vibe of July. August is not the wildest of months for Danish festivals, but it does feature lesser-known ones and an opportunity to well and truly enjoy some great music in the sun before the the cold autumn rains herald the end to yet another all-too-brief Danish summer.

Here’s some of what to look forward to:

Beth Hart

Amager Bio, 3 August at 8pm

Beth Hart’s powerful vocals echo in one’s ears days after attending one of her fantastic live performances. Now in her early 40’s, the multiple Grammy nominee returns to an established and ever-expanding fanbase here in Denmark.

YoungBlood Brass Band

Lille Vega, 4 August at 9pm

The Local’s pick of the month, YoungBlood Brass Band are yet another export from the music Mecca of New Orleans. Pioneers of the genre of riot brass – a feisty combination of hip-hop inspired instrumentals with swathes of funk and percussive panache – YoungBlood Brass Band are sure to provide a whole evening’s worth of great entertainment.

Rob Zombie

Store Vega, 5 August at 8pm

As the name suggests, the music of Rob Zombie is not for the faint of heart. Zombie’s live shows entail a video game-like immersion into a universe of drama, horror and raw metal that has helped the band make a solid name for itself over the years.

STRØM Festival: The Party Cruise

MS BJØRNSHOLM, 8 August at 6pm

Now a permanent fixture on the festival calendar, Copenhagen’s STRØM Festival is less intense (and less-known) than many of the major music festivals in the city. However, the experiences it offers are truly unique. One of the highlights of this year’s event will be a boat cruise organised by the record label WAA Industry. Kenton Slash Demon, Kasper Marott og Kristian Kjôller will be doing the honours on board, providing soothing electronic music for the occasion.

STRØM Festival: Copenhagen Metro

The Metro Line, 11 August, check STRØM festival’s webpage for exact time

Staying in the vein of unique STRØM experiences, this particular one takes the form of a metro ride with live deejays. The music tends to straddle the borderline between weird and experimentally cool, so don’t expect something like your typical festival experience (there will be other normal commutters on board too, some of whom won’t be too enthused), but do expect an experience that you’ll rarely get anywhere else in the world.

Vince Staples

(Moved from the 20th of June) Lille Vega, August 12 at 8pm

Staples’ original show penned for the 20th of June failed to materialize. We featured him in our June listings however, so here he is again. Several years after carving out a name for himself with a series of recordings for the established Odd Future crew, Long Beach rapper Vince Staples has evolved to become one of the most exciting names in rap music today. His upbringing, run-ins with authorities and prior near-misses are frequently the subject of his lyrics, many of which take a poetic stab at some of the inequalities of life.


Ideal Bar, August 20 at 9pm

Ahead of a debut album release this autumn, Danish R&B duo König still don’t have much material to help us gauge what they’re all about. The little they do have, however, is enough to suggest that this a band with quite a bit of potential; soft vocals in the R&B tradition combined with sharp electronic influences.

Derrick May

Culture Box, August 21 at 9pm

Derrick May is known as one of the Belleville three. Along with Kevin Saunderson and Juan Atkins, May was one of the pioneers of the Detroit techno genre that emerged from the industrial backdrop of the motor city and spread across the world ever since. In a dance music landscape dominated by the age of selfies and pseudo superstar deejays, this show promises to be a trip back in time.

Fort Minor

Pumpehuset, August 26 at 8pm

Growing up, Linkin Park was one of the bands I was most inspired by. Linkin Park fans, rejoice, as pianist and rapper Mark Shinoda will be bringing his solo project, Fort Minor, to the grunge confines of Copenhagen’s Pumpehuset. Less rock-inclined than the sounds of Linkin Park, Fort Minor wanders down a more percussive and often gloomier path.

Jurassic 5

Store Vega, August 29 at 8pm

One of the seminal bands in the history of hip-hop, Jurassic 5 returns to Denmark for their third outing here, following their previous shows at Vega and Northside, respectively. Theirs is a breed of hip-hop that, by comparison to the development of the genre today, remains a class apart. It’s vintage musicianship that is true to its roots, and they are anything but Jurassic.

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Denmark’s ten must – see concerts in March

Skærmbillede 2015-03-02 kl. 13.58.40

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds will land in Copenhagen on March 17th. Photo: Lawrence Watson

Original article written for The Local Denmark, available here:

Ahh, is there anything more anticipated than the coming of spring? While March is finally here, we’ve still got a long way to go until Denmark’s strong summer music season begins – which this year is looking better than ever.
But fear not, there are plenty of great (and, thankfully, indoor) concerts to enjoy this month. While March is lacking a bit when it comes to big-name international acts, it offers everything from a world-class breakdance battle to a St Patrick’s rock extravanganza.

What’s on Copenhagen May

More Dusseldorf than Detroit

Rust; Fri 2 May, 01:00; 80kr


Daniel Plessow, a mix between soul and house (Photo: Stefan Braunbarth)

May 1, 2014

by Allan Mutuku-Kortbæk

Motor City Drum Ensemble

Rust; Fri 2 May, 01:00; 80kr

Motor City Drum Ensemble is a German DJ (Daniel Plessow) who stormed onto the global house scene back in 2008 with some a refreshingly new wave of productions that were aflame with occulted, retro references to the soulful side of house music.

Plessow’s musical ethos is anchored on a passionate intent to re-introduce soul into house and techno music, which, following its inception in the Detroit and Chicago of the ‘80s, has branched out into multiple directions, many of which are associated with a stereotype of beat monotony and uninterrupted drum kikcs.


Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings

Store Vega; Tue 20 May, 21:00; 350kr


Band members of the Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings (Photo: Kyle Dean Reinford)

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings 

Over the years Daptone records have provided the world with an indomitable stream of funk and soul that has often grounded its roots in a revivalist mindset intent on reliving the 1960s and 70s heydays of these genres.

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings are the flagship of this ethos and are back in the alley with a mammoth, soul-strewn album Give The People What They Want.

Those who are unfamiliar with Sharon Jones and her ageless classic southern soul persuasion are in for a concert that could easily end up being one of the best of the year.

For routine aficionados, Give the People What They Want is a work that reverberates with new energetic influences that cement Sharon Jones and The Dap King’s status as established gentry in the spectrum of soul and R & B.

The very same album also represents the struggle with pancreatic cancer that lead singer Jones has been through, a duel that led to the postponement of the initially planned album release and tour, which should have taken place a year or so ago.

Back in full force and nourished from the affection of fans, family and friends the world over, Jone’s and her troupe will surely bring a new lease of life to a Copenhagen audience looking to banish the traumas of the cold, dark winter to mere memory.



Manic Street Preachers

Store Vega; Mon 12 May, 20:00, 360kr


Manic Street Preachers return to Danish soil (Photo: Band’s facebook page)

Manic Street Preachers

Locally, they’ve appeared at festivals like Roskilde and had limited, albeit memorable outings at venues like Vega and Amagerbio. In the rest of Europe, few are unfamiliar with their status as musicians and confrontational revolutionaries.

Colloquially known as “The Manics,”  Welsh alternative rock stalwarts Manic street preachers have been around since the late 80’s, ‘preaching’ a leftist discourse of  heavily politicized statements through their music.

Vehement critics of socially-relevant themes such as alienation, boredom and despair aided by androgynous glam apparel and appearances, the status of the preachers in sociopolitical music folklore is by and large unrivaled in the modern era.

And whilst their latest material is a lot more acoustic than a lot of their previous work and there are no doubt many who would allege that the Welshmen are past their prime,  the preachers’ legendary status still casts an overwhelmingly powerful shadow over all that they do. 

Their return to Danish soil ought to help somewhat as far as them consolidating their reputation on the local venue circuit is concerned.

Joining the Manics on stage, London duo Public Service Broadcasting ought to provide the ideal warm up with their dystopian- themed samples from propaganda and television material; a futuristic musical narrative rooted in the now unfashionable mechanisms of state control and subversion.

Prepare for doses of alternative rock laced with traces of punk and post-punk. 

De dødelige

Rust; Sat 24 May, 21:00; 75kr


The De Dødelidge’s pop assault (Photo: De Dødelige)

De Dødelidge

Pop boys De Dødelige (The deathly) have been melting quite a few teenage hearts over the last year or so, following their ascension up the local mainstream ladder.

A lot of it is down to the vocal talents of lead singer Andreas Knudsen. Sony Records have been quick to capitalise on their potential and it’s safe to say that they will be around for sometime. 
Having warmed up for the cheesiest of all Danish bands, the unfathomably successful Nik & Jay, De Dødelige look poised to continue their pop assault on Denmark’s airwaves.

Sean Carey (Bon Iver) 

Vega; Wed 28 May, 21:00; 160kr

Sean Carey (Photo: Cameron Wittig)

One of the frontmen behind the critically acclaimed indie folk band Bon Iver, Sean Carey’s music is replete with chamber-pop persuasions and cinematic soundscapes that astound and inspire all at once.

Bo Saris

Lille Vega; Sat 31 May, 21:00; 170kr 

Boris Titulaer (Photo: Seginternational)

Motown-inspired pop rich in soulful influences that would do Amy Winehouse and Marvin Gaye proud. And Dutch soul singer Bo Saris (Boris Titulaer) hasn’t even got a debut album on the shelves yet.

The Fried Orka Band

Mojo’s Blues Bar; Fri 23 May, 20:00, 70kr 

The Fired Orka band (Photo:

The Fried Orka band are local purveyors of the more raw, acoustically-driven blues sound. Featuring multi-instrumental influences and lyrics themed on the city, they are a solid local act.




Calling News DJs #2

Culture Box; Fri 2 May, 21:00; 50kr 

If you’re looking for the sound of the latest undiscovered talent within electronic music, this is one party you’d do well to check out as Culture Box puts on another stellar line-up for the month of May.


Operaen Christiana; Fri 9 May, 21:00, 50kr


The smiling Larica band (Photo: Facebook)

Larica #100 

A precursor to rocksteady and reggae, ska music originated in the Jamaica of the 50’s and embedded itself in the annals of mod culture of the 60’s in Britain. Something of an unknown quantity locally, the genre is kept alive by the efforts of a few extraordinarily impassioned bands, the Næstved-founded Larica outfit being one such outfit.

Their centenary concert at one of the pearls of underground culture, Christiania’s Operaen could not have arrived at a more opportune time. Buckle up for a blast from the past.

Peter H Olsen + Mute Swimmer

Copenhagen Jazzhouse Thu 15 May, 20:00; 90kr

(Photo: NielsFabæk)

Musically-orientated poetry from local performer Peter Olsen and literary-oriented songwriting from the U.K’s Mute Swimmer is what’s on the bill for this particular evening at the jazz house.

Alain Apoloo

The Juke Joint at Mojo’s Blues Bar; Mon May 19 21:30; free adm


The weekly Juke Joint at Mojo’s is a solid fixture on the local Copenhagen blues scene. On May 19 it is spearheaded by the talented Alain Apoloo and open to anyone willing to play on the night.

Schoolboy Q

Rust; Fri 18 April, 20:00; 165kr

(Photo: Mikel Galicia)

The man responsible for seminal track ‘Man of the year’ will be in Copenhagen as part of his European tour, much to the delight of many a hip hop fan.

Music Listings, Feb 2014

Music Listings Feb 28th- 6th March


Larica release party

BolsjeFabrikken; (Ragnhildgade 1); Fri 28th; 22:00, 20 kr

Larica are a Ska outfit that started out in the small town of Næstved a while back. They are predominantly based in Copenhagen at the moment and have grown in stature and class as the years drift. For a genre whose roots dictate the precursory period before reggae and rocksteady, ska is a genre that has been snubbed quite somewhat, particularly in a local context. Larica are one of the purveyors flying its flag high and their orchestral, brassy sound is not easy to mirror. Treat yourself a musical experience of a different sort this Friday.

Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 2.11.14 PM

photo: Hans Jørgensen


GlobalCPH; Fri 28th; 21:00, 120 kr

When Zimbabwean band Mokoomba last visited Denmark they were remembered as solid, jolly openers of Roskilde festival’s cosmopol scene. Hailing from the picturesque Victoria Falls region, the band blend elements of reggae and traditional instrumentation to give a sound that well and truly bears all the hallmarks of modern world music, Mokoomba made a name for themselves on last year’s festival circuit, playing the likes of Sziget and Womad UK (and of course Roskilde). They’ll be looking to build on the solid local foundation they’ve built here and what better place to do so than at Global CPH ?


Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 2.29.18 PM



Lille Vega; Sat 1st; 21:00, 130 kr

Pick of the bunch this time is Swedish band Hoffmaestro, a group of rowdy hell-raisers who managed to get an entire front-row pit of spectators to run from one side of the other at the closing concert at Roskilde festival a few years back. Fusing a blend of ska, rock, electronic and reggae, this is band whose form and status can only be understand through experiencing their show live. The original show was destined for November but had to be re-scheduled, and it marks an appropriate blockbuster start to the month of March. Another opportunity to banish the demons of the cold to mere memories.

Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 2.14.29 PM


Kashmir (Extra Concert)

Store Vega; Sun 2nd; 20:00, 250 kr

What can I possibly say about Kashmir not to convince you to go to this concert ? Firmly embedded in the folkloric history of rock music in Denmark, Kasmir were originally called Nirvana back in 1991 when they started performing but had to change their name when Kurt Kobain & co started hitting home runs in their musical career. Having collaborated with David Bowie and departed legend Lou Reed, Kashmir are an educational experience that you need to see. With last year’s seventh studio album release E.A.R in their arsenal, expect a seasoned, mature performance that will leave you impressed.

Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 2.15.52 PM


John Newman; Tues 4th; 20:00, 230 kr

Does John Newman have the best male voice in mainstream music today ? Maybe, possibly, easily – there is only one way to find out. You may recognize his powerful, standout vocals in seminal tracks like Rudimental’s “Feel the love” and “Not Giving In”, both of which hijacked the UK top 40 and did their bit to reinforce the credibility of drum & bass as a genre (albeit diluted to a more sober dose with light r & b influences). Newman’s 2013 solo album, Tribute catapulted Newman into even bigger and better things, replete with vocals that veer between Charles Bradley and Bruno Mars and beat accompaniments that bewilder.

Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 2.16.52 PM


Danny Brown

Pumpehuset; Thurs 6th; 21:00, 250 kr

All the way from the motor city, Detroit, Danny Brown is a misfit-turned superstar whose unkempt, unconventional rapping techniques have earned him a reputation as a hybrid within hip hop circles. In today’s digital age, Danny Brown’s social media status has propelled his popularity quite somewhat but is there more to him than a reputation and status that precedes him with an awing stature ? A seasoned performer, Brown has collaborated with the likes of Asap Rocky and numerous Detroit-based heavyweights and his politically provocative music does tend to raise a few heckles.


Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 2.18.04 PM



Malecon, Salsa & Bachata night

Cafeen Støberiet; Blågårdsplads; Sat 1st; 21:30, 50 kr

It’s time to condemn the demons of the dark, cold winter to the closet. This evening is part of a series of evenings over the spring dedicated towards promoting dance forms such salsa, bachata, merengue and reggaeton, all of which hail from the colourful continent of South America. Coaching sessions are also included in the evening’s entertainment.

Ostgut ton nacht / Ryan Elliott

Culture Box; Sat 1st; 21:00, 70 kr

Another motor city cat will be in town plying his trade in February. Ryan Elliott started started playing at legendary clubs like Detroit’s shelter before moving on to other renowned nightlife institutions like Barcelona’s sonar and various spots in Frankfurt and Berlin. An electronic chameleon, Elliott’s music wanders the territory of house, Detroit techno and the ocassional experimental surprise.

Music Listings Copenhagen, 31st Jan- 6th Feb

Friday 31st

Proton: Felix Kubin / Mitch & Mitch

Copenhagen Jazz house; Fri 31st Feb; 21:00, 150 kr

Experimentation is the name of the game these days. Proton is the first installation of Copenhagen Jazz house’s attempt at billing live experimental electronic music on its menu. This particular daring premiere features Felix Kubin, one of the electronic music purists from Germany, whose uncouth, brute sound sounds like it was mass produced in a Ruhr factory and let loose in a decaying quarter of Berlin. He’ll be teaming up with Polish band Mitch & Mitch, a polyphonic 9 man squad, a marriage of a zebra and a fox and what can either end up in sheer genius or unbearable cacophony.

Sunday 2nd Feb

Ellie Goulding

Tap1 ; Sun 2nd Feb; 20:00, 230 kr

Ushering the distant (and seemingly incomprehensible) light of spring at the end of this bleak, dark winter tunnel, British electropop starlet Ellie Goulding will be wooing quite a few hearts with her cherry-sweet voice. Ellie had a Vega debut to forget in April last year where she produced a lackluster, 3 star concert though a boring crowd did have a lot to do with this. She’s grown since then, so much so that the concert, originally scheduled for Vega’s large hall, has now been moved to the industrial, grunge playground, Tap1. Expect an improved Goulding and a night to remember.


Monday 3rd Feb

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

Pumpehuset; Mon 3rd Feb; 20:00, 170 Kr

I will go as far as guaranteeing that Hypnotic Brass Ensemble’s concert at Pumpehuset will probably be the best concert of the month in February. What more can be said of a family of eight brothers who’ve performed with or alongside the likes of Tony Allen, Gorillaz, Prince and Erykah Badu ? Fans of The Hunger Games may recognise some of their brassy, instrumental music, which has been featured in the first Hunger Games film. Jazz trumpeter Tony Cohran’s sons are certainly doing their old man proud with their stage exploits, standing tall and proud as one of the greatest families in modern music .


Tuesday 4th February

Hiss Golden Messenger

Huset på magstræde; Tues 4th Feb; 20:00, 80 kr

When was the last time you went to a concert at Huset ? Hiss Golden Messenger are an American duo at the odd crossroads between traditional American folk and rolled-back country. Theirs is a music that is soothing and extremely easy to listen to, sliding with the grace of a sleek fish in blue waters. It is also riddled with religious themes and references of the heretic sort and rich in anecdotes and enduring tales of contemplation and muse. Banish your stereotypes about religiously-influenced music. These blokes are a class act and a solid February booking.


The Milk Carton Kids

Lille Vega; Tues 4th Feb; 21:00, 200 kr

The Milk Carton Kids play low-key, minimalist folk that veers on the borderline of Americana. In tandem with the revivalist crescendo in folk music, theirs is a story of two LA based musicians who’ve only recently started to gain the recognition they deserve for their musical forays. Part of this has a lot to do with their latest studio album, ‘The Ash and Clay,’ which dropped last year. Their work on this album has seen the duo cultivate and reinforce parallels between themselves and the likes of Norway’s Kings of Convenience, not a bad comparison, given the latter’s European popularity. You can be the judge as to how relevant this is.


Wednesday 5th February

Au Revoir Simone + Lover Lover

Loppen ; Wed 5th Feb; 21:00, 130 kr

Loppen have outdone themselves here, booking Au Revoir Simone at a time when most music venues are on hibernation mode. Warm dream pop that awakens burning passions of youthful nostalgia is the Brooklyn-based trios domain, a course they fly with elegant precision. Joining on the night are Lover Lover, a newly formed cheery electro pop duo from the Faroe islands who still need to perfect their craft, despite a promising ascent to prominence. They are very much diamonds in the rough, however, complete with the genius of imperfection and just enough rust to make them sound very unique indeed.




Dorma 21, Roberto Bosco

KB18; Fri 31st Jan; 23:55, 50

There’s nothing like a good helping of a night’s out worth of meatpacking district fun. There will be plenty of this to end your January with at KB18 as Italian producer and Dj Roberto Brosco comes to town, leading a young wolfpack of Dj’s whose music is featured in the Dorma 21 record store catalogue. This is very much an after-hour affair, so stock up on your sleep and come fresh !


Fiedel, Substance, versions, Brynjolfur


Culture Box; Sat 1st Feb; 21:00, 70 kr

Culture Box have stuck to their policy of booking German techno stalwarts every now and then to reinforce the club’s affiliation with the genre. This time round, Fiedel and Substance (aka Dj Pete Live) will be headlining the evening with their Berlin bastion techno. Well-known local lad Brynjolfur should provide a slight antidote to the piledriver-esque main room sounds.

Because we care – The unfair fashion aft…

KB18; Sat 1st Feb; 20:00, Free entrance for the first 100, 35kr for the rest

A taste of some of the designers that’ll be showcasing their wares at this year’s fashion week later in the year can be found in the dark, grime- like confines of KB18’s concrete walls. Free entrance and goodies for the first 100 and a low entrance fee thereafter ought to be enough to lure you. If not, add on an afterparty with Kødbyen mainstay Brynjolfur and we’re good to go.

Expo techno

Culture Box; Fri 31st Jan; 19.30, 70 kr

Expo Techno is a bit of a wildcard on Culture Box’s part. In keeping with the club’s policy of scouting and crafting new talents, several poorly known DJ’s from here there and everywhere will have the chance to showcase their trade. Featuring a workshop from early on in the evening, the real fun starts at 21:00 so if you don’t want to go all-in, show up late.

Music Listings, Copenhagen. 17th-23rd Jan

Original out in this week’s version of The Copenhagen Post

Music Listings 17th-23rd Jan

Who will headline Roskilde Festival this year?


Trentemøller, Mø, Arctic Monkeys, Major Lazer and (I hope) The Lumineers, Disclosure


Which Danish acts will break out internationally this year?


Iceage, Ice Cream Cathedral, Schultz & Forever,



Who is your all-time music hero and why?


The Bob Dylan of the 60´s for befriending Woodie Guthrie and incorporating his genuine music ethos into an idea that was in sync with the ideals of the counterculture movement. His work from this decade echoes on in eternity.



In three words, describe X Factor

vox populi tragedy


Music listings, Concerts: 


Friday 17th

Mc Ollie & Eco

Rust; Fri 17th Jan; 01:00, 60 kr

Mc Ollie is known in local circles for having something of a talent within the art of freestyle rap. His coming of age is exemplified by his victory in the 2013 MC’s fight night championship, a crown which he took with some aplomb at a spectator-packed Tivoli last year. Eco is no slack himself, having released a critically acclaimed album,Epen Alter in 2012 which was followed by him winning the then inaugural Rap slam competition. Expect plenty of hip hop influences from two of the more seasoned performers on the local scene, who in addition to playing their own material, will surely add fresh elements of impromptu composition.

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 7.26.56 PM



Saturday 18th

Lanterns on the Lake

Ideal Bar; Sat 18th Jan; 20:00, 90 kr

Lanterns on the Lake are a British band who are enjoying quite a bit of popularity at the moment with their beautiful, airy indie rock. Having made their name at last year’s Glastonbury festival, Lanterns on the Lake also released their second album in 2013, the cunningly named ‘Until The Colours Run,’ a dreamy journey through desperation, exasperation, melancholia and ultimately, hope. Theirs is a gentle, breezy take on rock that combines soft vocals with a minimalist instrumental finish that’s easy on the ears, easier still on the soul and 90 DKK is a small price to pay to see a band destined for great things in the future.


Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 7.28.21 PM


Rux, Loke Depth & SolKongen

Rust; Sat 18th Jan; 01:00, 60 kr

To hip hop now where Nørrebro’s marquee club Rust will be serving a late nigh session of local talent. Danish hip hop is by and large amateur by comparison to American or French traditions but it’s worth listening to it for yourself and drawing your own judgements, so here’s your chance. Rux is an orthodox rapper, known for his forays into Danish hip hop along with Loke Depth, who’ll also be performing on the evening. Solkongen, the third performer of the evening has also worked closely with the others, so expect a hyggeligt, beat filled, lyric-rich hip hop family affair.

Monday 20th

Monster Magnet

Lille Vega; Mon 20th Jan; 21:00, 255 kr

Not my personal favourite by any stretch of the imagination, but if you’re into hard rock, this is surely one concert you wouldn’t want to miss. Bordering on the limits of heavy metal, Monster Magnet have been around since the late eighties and have been heavyweights in the niche of American stoner rock, providing a heady concoction of pure madness that is quite popular amongst fans of the genre and that draws inspiration from the likes of Black Sabbath and The Stooges. After a 13 hiatus, Monster Magnet will be eager to remind their local fans of what they’ve been missing all these years.

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 7.31.10 PM


Tuesday 21st

Martini’s 5-tet, Paradise Jazz

Huset; Tues 21st Jan; 20:00, 80 kr

Kira Martini and her quintet have been slowly but surely cementing themselves into the annals of modern jazz in the city. Replete with references and styles that echo with the warmth and pleasantry of Brazil and New Orleans, Martini’s music has gone from being popular underground brilliance to unique, non-mainstream music that’s backed by a humble, down-to-earth ethos that’s charmed the hearts of many (including Berlinske Tidende who gave her a rare 5 stars for her latest album). Expect warm, immersive music that’ll consign your winter blues to the back of your mind and take you on a jazz-inspired tour of Rio.

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 7.32.32 PM



The Juke Joint

Modjo’s Blues Bar; Mon 20th Jan; 21:30, Free

The ideal aftershock to the weekend’s high jinxes, Monday’s Juke joint is an easy-going night of blues, singer-songwriter material and other pleasantries, hosted by a man who’s dedicated his life to fronting for the blues in this city, Alain Apoloo. The endearing Kaia Højlund will be back at the Juke Joint this particular Monday. Her vocal qualities are phenomenal and have been known to leave audiences spellbound from time to time. The swashbuckling Peter Skjerning is also on the bill and it’s safe to say that one can expect guest impromptu appearances from all manner of weird and wonderful guitar lovers.

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 7.33.57 PM





Ennio, Tol10 & Mr Revealomaniac

Culture Box; Fri 17th Jan;

Hamburg man Ennio is a young gun on the electronic music scene, whose style has drawn comparisons with one of the most appealing names of 2013, Disclosure. Underground house that packs a decisive punch cheekily flanked by airy, pop-like vocals is what Ennio is all about; a welcome change to Culture Box’s unrelenting tendency to stick to booking electronic acts of the harder, faster beat-per-minute spectrum.

Saturday 18th

What Happens presents Steve Lawler

Culture Box; Sat 18th Jan; 21:00, 100 kr

Viva records boss Steve Lawler is a Don amongst the sheep in the world of tech house. Energetic, quick-witted behind the decks and boasting a DJ curriculum vitae that spans expansive shows across the globe and numerous accolades including that of best British DJ, this is surely one of Culture Box’s biggest signings in a while. Expect pure hedonism from a world class entertainer.

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 7.35.10 PM


House of Harvey / Move D

Harvey Copenhagen; Sat 18th Jan; 22:00, 60 kr

If Steve Lawler’s tech house is too immersive a frequency to latch on to, trust the meatpacking district to throw a party that’s potentially equally cool but far more low-key. Move D is one of many German Deejays flying the flag of minimalist electronic music high in sky and will add a contemplative touch to the usually strictly classic house appeal of Harvey Copenhagen.

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 7.36.21 PM



KB18; Sat 18th Jan; 00:00, 50 kr

A techno purist, Psyk (aka Manuel Anós) hails from a city in which this genre is the creme de la creme of cult culture, Madrid. Following in the footsteps of the likes of Plastikman and Jeff Mills, Psyk’s sets are merciless, heady and hedonistic; ventures into insanity of the Detroit-school of techno sort. Buckle up !

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 7.37.24 PM

Music Listings, Copenhagen, 6th Dec – 11th Dec

Music listings 6th -11th Dec


 Freestyle Friday rap battle

 Street Mekka; Fri 6th; 20:00, 20 kr

 Rap lovers out there will be delighted by Street Mekka’s rap battle extravaganza as part of the sport’s hall’s monthly “Friday Jam” event that features other cultural disciplines such as dance, basketball and football. Sticking to the music though, the rap battle will take place as it did in New York street corners way back when , albeit this time round the only thing at stake is the glory of winning a prize, as opposed to block ownership, a serious affair for sixteen of the most ambitious underground rappers in the city mind you.


 Roskilde Moments concert

Den Kongelige Teater, Sat 7th; 20:00, 80 kr

 The royal theatre; a fascinating spatiotemporal atmosphere and an emblem of the nation. This particular initiative opens up the sleek confines of the theatre to a broader audience, providing Roskilde festival attendees with a chance to re-live some of their best moments by sending in song requests via email, some of which will then be re-interpreted by the evening’s orchestra. It’s a very interactive concept that’ll involve the audience in the experience and it’s very reasonably priced so for those of you who can’t wait until Roskilde 2014, here’s a chance to go back in time.

 Richard Bruckner

 Ideal Bar; Sat 7th; 20:00, 90 kr

 Richard Bruckner’s music is the perfect soundtrack for dreamy moments of sheer artistic wizardry on a blank canvas. Highly revered in the states, by amongst others, Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, Bruckner’s sound is a long and winding river of tales, narrated by country-esque vocals that could fill the pages of a good book. Complex texts splashed on a rippling backdrop of simple, minimalist instrumentals hide the lack of Bruckner’s vocal prowess rather well, allowing for a musical experience based on him playing to his strengths, storytelling and the aforementioned simplistic approach.

Screen shot 2013-12-01 at 11.55.18 AM

Richard Bruckner (source:  flickr)

 Pasion de Buena Vista

 Amager Bio; Fri 6th; 20:00, 350 kr

 There’s more to Cuba than cigars, Che Guevara and good old Fidel. Aficionados of marquee Cuban orchestra, Buena Vista Social Club will surely be salivating at the prospect of this particular concert. Vocalist Mariela Stiven has been heralded as the de facto Bueno Vista Social Club standard bearer in recent years, keeping the flame of some of the most enigmatic music of last century alive, albeit with a more modernist approach rich in instrumentals and Havana soul. Given that it’s the start of a long, dark winter, the timing couldn’t have arrived at a more apt moment.


 The Lumineers

 Store Vega; Tues 10th; 20:00, 270 kr

 If you dig Mumford and Sons, there’s a high chance that folk trio The Lumineers will be right up your alley. This notwithstanding, it has to be said that their sound is very much their own, even though it does draw parallels with quite a few chamber pop and folk rock acts out there. Prepare for many sing-along moments and positive vibes that’ll take you along a journey of acoustic-rich Americana spun in the narrative of easily-accessible folk influences. There are only a few tickets left for this one, so it should be a sold-out affair.

Screen shot 2013-12-01 at 11.56.46 AM

The Lumineers (source: Lastfm)


 Oh Land

 Store Vega; Wed 11th; 20:00, 250 kr

 Danish singer and New York resident Oh Land is a lady in demand at the moment, stacking up stage appearance in a blockbuster 40-show-plus tour of both Europe and America. Due to her overwhelming local popularity, the 28 year old darling of experimental pop has sold out at Store Vega on the 12th, so this concert is a chance for all those unable to make it then. With a new album, wishbone, in her bag of tricks, Oh Land’s homecoming is an occasion to be heralded.

Screen shot 2013-12-01 at 11.58.13 AM

Oh Land (Source :



 Yes !

Operaen; Fri 6th; 21:00, 60 kr

If Charles Bukowski were alive, he’d be a regular at the Stanley Kubric’s ‘A Clockwork Orange-like” Operaen, in the heart of Christiania. Underground madmen of the electronic music persuasion such as Audiolog and Bekka will be pulling the strings from behind the spinning discs. Expect driven Detroit-influenced techno and sweaty, dripping walls draped in a haze of low lit red and the occasional cheap strobe stab.

Tokimonsta, Esben Wiele Kjær, Kentauwer Bassment

 Rust; Fri 6th; 23:00, 60 kr

 Rust have gone all in on this one, tabling a distinct DJ on each of the Nørrebro’s establishment’s 3 floors. The pick amongst the bunch is Esben Wiele Kjær, blogger, musician and one of the bods behind Denmark’s most artistic festival, Henry’s dream. It’s hard to know what to expect from the night, but servings of decent electronic music are definitely on the menu.

Screen shot 2013-12-01 at 12.00.59 PM

Esben Wiele Kjaer (Source:

Tim Andresen, Jacob Bech

 Culture Box; Fri 6th; 21:00, 50 kr

 Culture Box’s resident veteran Tim Andresen will be doing his thing behind the decks on this particular Friday. Expect tech house tunes, many of which are recent releases on some of the many international and local labels Tim is signed to. Jacob Bech will split the responsibilities on the evening, adding a touch of class from his Balearic past in yes you guessed it, Ibiza.



 Ideal Bar; Wed 11th; 21:00, 60 kr

 Owlle are France’s latest synth-enthused act, following in the traditions of the likes of M83, Chateau Mormont and other synth / dream pop outfits. They’re noisy enough to guarantee a party, and a good event to start at if you’re out to paint the town red (on a Wednesday). Dreamy vocals and wandering synth lines galore.

Screen shot 2013-12-01 at 12.02.30 PM

Owlle (source:

Going Underground I- It’s snow wonder we’re fed up

March 1, 2013 – 08:00

It’s minus something outside and even those eager Facebook enthusiasts who were actively uploading one picture after another to document their love of snow when it all started back in December are now starting to lose their patience with the stuff. With spring still a good way off, Underground would hereby be delighted to take you by the hand and guide you towards several carefully picked hotspots at which you can find entertainment, laughs, and that elusive bit of encouragement that’ll propel you forward in this seemingly endless winterscape of white and grey.

I think it’s fair to say that most people reading this define a good night out as having a bit more to it than what one may otherwise experience at the gaudy concoction of tourist traps and mainstream hotspots that decorate the city centre. If gulping dodgy-coloured shots with porn star names in Kulør Bar to the sounds of pop products like Rihanna and David ‘one piano key’ Guetta is not your thing, please read on. If it is, then excuse the judgment.
February has been a surprisingly good month for music in Copenhagen, with the likes of Christiania icon Wafande doing his bit for the Danish dancehall revolution with a solid show at Vega. Drum ‘n’ bass fans are surely also all smiles at the moment following Andy C’s monumental gig at Pumpehuset.  The concert was something of a coup for the recently re-established concert venue who also managed to pay their respects to Bob Marley with a tribute concert by the late icon’s son, Ky Mani Marley.  Berlin’s electronic music veterans Modeselektor added a sheen of gloss to the month that’s gone by with a sensational performance at a sold-out Store Vega, so all in all it’s been a good one, despite the snow and the cold. But what about March then?
Underground recommends:
Tako Lako 
Serbian-influenced psychedelic gypsy vibe is how one of the members of Danish band Tako Lako describes their music. Known for chaotic concerts and a cultivated dislike of mainstream music, this band have played far and wide over the last couple of years and show few signs of stopping. If you haven’t seen them yet, now would be a good time to hop onboard the Tako Lako revolution.
Rust; Fri March 1; 100kr
Support party for 
It doesn’t get any more underground than Bolsjefabrikken. This fundraising event features the likes of dancehall mainstays Mighty Mala and Chancho, Cumbiatronica masters Copia Doble Sistema and other random names on the underground circuit, all of whom will be playing to raise money for the movement. Organisations expected to have a presence there include Queer Jihad, Stop Udvisningerne, Boykot G4S, Free Gaza, Crisis Mirror and Socialistisk UngdomsFront.
Bolsjefabrikken, Ragnhildgade 1, Cph N; Sat March 2, 20:00-04:00; 40kr 
Kaizers Orchestra 
Kaizers Orchestra’s music is folk rock with heavily eastern European influences from a Norwegian sextet based in the city of Bergen. It sounds a little bit spacey, a little bit gypsy and rather wild, so prepare to break a rib or two and brush up on your Norwegian if you fancy attempting the nearly impossible task of understanding their lyrics.
Store Vega; March 10; 250kr
Lulu Rouge
Lulu Rouge is Denmark’s unsung hero of electronic music. Some may recognise Lulu from his exploits at the annual Stella Polaris chillout festival where he’s played alongside the likes of Moby and Groove Armada, whilst others may know him from his work with Agnes Obel, one of the nation’s foremost pianists. Playing in Culture Box’s recently built basement red room ought to be something of an experience for both Lulu and anyone attending.
Culture Box, Red booth; March 15; 50kr
Mahala Rai Banda
Mahala Rai Banda’s music is as uncouth and as unpretentious as the name suggests. This is Romani music at its best, complete with several brass band army veterans from the same famous village that bands such as Fanfare Ciocarlia hail from. It’s not too different to the sort of music featured in Sasha Baron Cohen’s provocative comedy Borat and its playful twist will surely tickle most.
Global Nørrebro; March 16; 110kr
Reptile Youth
Previously known as Reptile n Retard, this electronic rock duo were responsible for one of the best Roskilde Festival concerts of 2011, providing a rollercoasting two hours of mayhem at Pavilion Junior. Back then, the lead singer timed a perilous clamber onto the pylons supporting the stage at the climax of the show to fling himself into the crowd below. There aren’t any pylons at Lille Vega so it might not get quite as exaggerated this time round. Reptile Youth’s music is produced by none other than David M Allen, a producer who’s worked with the likes of Depeche Mode and The Cure. Enough said.
Lille Vega; Fri March 8, 150kr