Rob Scotland, TEDxKEA

Original article written for TEDxKEA, available here.

The new wave of entrepreneurial creativity and the growing power of the audience

On all levels, certainly in the portrayal given by much of modern media, the world is a grim and unbecoming place. Seek and you shall find however; there are innumerable positives to behold. Whilst there are many who are plagued by concerns over ISIS or Greek financials and long-winded statements by the media, others, choose to see things in a different light.

Meet Rob Scotland – a man with a sense of humour that extends well beyond his positive mind-set towards the world of today and the society of tomorrow. In the midst of all the crises fed to us on TV, Rob stresses the importance of stopping for a second to appreciate the talent and adaptability of our generation. “Five years ago there was no iPad, 10 years ago there was no iPhone and in the last hundred years we’ve had more innovation than in the last 1000.”  “The next generation is probably going to be the greatest we’ve ever had!”


Rob has spent the last 10 years working in advertising with a client portfolio that includes the likes of Nike, Carlsberg, Telia and Procter & Gamble, where he has ”argued passionately under the guise of creative strategy to turn anthropological understandings of audiences into commercial returns.” For Rob, radical changes in the manner in which audiences think and feel have brought about a paradigm shift that requires more value-based products, services and ultimately advertising. A graduate of illustration, Rob wanted to be an artist for Marvel comics. However, as is the case “with most of our generation”, necessity shifted him into other fields – namely magazine sales and later advertising. In this capacity, Rob founded the much revered ad agency, Bandit, in Copenhagen 8 years ago and advised big brands on how best to target their audiences.

Dubbed a ‘modern cultural anthropologist’, Rob has been championing the understanding of modern culture in marketing communications over the past ten years. Our generation often gets a bad rap in the media, but from Rob’s perspective “Far from being lazy, Generation Next’s unprecedented surge of entrepreneurial creativity is what will solve many of the challenges facing this world”.

What’s On March 2014

What’s On | A band formerly known as Nirvana


(Photo credit: Kashmir Facebook Page) Top gig


Store Vega, Cph V; Sun March 2, 20:00; 250kr

Firmly embedded in the folkloric history of rock music in Denmark, Kashmir were originally called Nirvana back in 1991 when they started performing but had to change their name when Kurt Kobain & co started hitting home runs in their musical career. Having collaborated with David Bowie and departed legend Lou Reed, Kashmir are an educational experience that you need to see. With last year’s seventh studio album release, EAR, in their arsenal, expect a seasoned, mature performance that will leave you impressed. (Allan Mutuku-Kortbæk)


The Show – Trbute to ABBA

Falconer Salen, Frederiksberg; Sat March 1, 20:00; 395-470kr

Voulez-vous, dancing queens and super troupas? After all, it has been 40 years since ABBA rocketed onto the international music scene at the Eurovision Song Contest with their winning song ‘Waterloo’. This box-office smash, celebrating their canon, has impressed audiences and critics alike, winning the Best Show award at the Limelights Awards in 2010. The show charts the story of the group from their formation in Sweden through their glory years. Tight flares and excessive hairspray are guaranteed … and that’s just the men. (Philip Tees)



Dansehallerne, Cph V; March 1-14; 125k

Choreographed by Tina Tarpgaard, On/Volt deals with the generation and consumption of energy through movement, sound and light (from Swiss light sculptor Sophie Guyot). (PT)


Pulsar Festival

March 6-12; free adm

The Royal Danish Academy of Music will be holding its annual contemporary music festival. The programme features composer students from the academy and guest composers from overseas. (PT)


Flea Market at Carlsberg 

March 1-2; 35kr

This popular market is returning for a new season with a wide selection including furniture and books. And look out for the stand-alone market dedicated to clothing, footwear and accessories. (PT)


Malecon, Salsa & Bachata 

Cafeen Støberiet, Cph N; Sat March 1, 21:30; 50kr

Promoting dance forms such as salsa, bachata, merengue and reggaeton, all of which hail from South America.  Coaching sessions are also included in the evening’s entertainment. (AMK)


Le Grand Macabre

Operaen Store Scene; March 2-28; 95-695kr

György Ligeti’s only opera is a humorous and surreal treatment of the apocalyptic theme. This performance is directed by Kasper Holten and sung in Danish. (PT)