Music Listings, Feb 2014

Music Listings Feb 28th- 6th March


Larica release party

BolsjeFabrikken; (Ragnhildgade 1); Fri 28th; 22:00, 20 kr

Larica are a Ska outfit that started out in the small town of Næstved a while back. They are predominantly based in Copenhagen at the moment and have grown in stature and class as the years drift. For a genre whose roots dictate the precursory period before reggae and rocksteady, ska is a genre that has been snubbed quite somewhat, particularly in a local context. Larica are one of the purveyors flying its flag high and their orchestral, brassy sound is not easy to mirror. Treat yourself a musical experience of a different sort this Friday.

Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 2.11.14 PM

photo: Hans Jørgensen


GlobalCPH; Fri 28th; 21:00, 120 kr

When Zimbabwean band Mokoomba last visited Denmark they were remembered as solid, jolly openers of Roskilde festival’s cosmopol scene. Hailing from the picturesque Victoria Falls region, the band blend elements of reggae and traditional instrumentation to give a sound that well and truly bears all the hallmarks of modern world music, Mokoomba made a name for themselves on last year’s festival circuit, playing the likes of Sziget and Womad UK (and of course Roskilde). They’ll be looking to build on the solid local foundation they’ve built here and what better place to do so than at Global CPH ?


Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 2.29.18 PM



Lille Vega; Sat 1st; 21:00, 130 kr

Pick of the bunch this time is Swedish band Hoffmaestro, a group of rowdy hell-raisers who managed to get an entire front-row pit of spectators to run from one side of the other at the closing concert at Roskilde festival a few years back. Fusing a blend of ska, rock, electronic and reggae, this is band whose form and status can only be understand through experiencing their show live. The original show was destined for November but had to be re-scheduled, and it marks an appropriate blockbuster start to the month of March. Another opportunity to banish the demons of the cold to mere memories.

Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 2.14.29 PM


Kashmir (Extra Concert)

Store Vega; Sun 2nd; 20:00, 250 kr

What can I possibly say about Kashmir not to convince you to go to this concert ? Firmly embedded in the folkloric history of rock music in Denmark, Kasmir were originally called Nirvana back in 1991 when they started performing but had to change their name when Kurt Kobain & co started hitting home runs in their musical career. Having collaborated with David Bowie and departed legend Lou Reed, Kashmir are an educational experience that you need to see. With last year’s seventh studio album release E.A.R in their arsenal, expect a seasoned, mature performance that will leave you impressed.

Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 2.15.52 PM


John Newman; Tues 4th; 20:00, 230 kr

Does John Newman have the best male voice in mainstream music today ? Maybe, possibly, easily – there is only one way to find out. You may recognize his powerful, standout vocals in seminal tracks like Rudimental’s “Feel the love” and “Not Giving In”, both of which hijacked the UK top 40 and did their bit to reinforce the credibility of drum & bass as a genre (albeit diluted to a more sober dose with light r & b influences). Newman’s 2013 solo album, Tribute catapulted Newman into even bigger and better things, replete with vocals that veer between Charles Bradley and Bruno Mars and beat accompaniments that bewilder.

Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 2.16.52 PM


Danny Brown

Pumpehuset; Thurs 6th; 21:00, 250 kr

All the way from the motor city, Detroit, Danny Brown is a misfit-turned superstar whose unkempt, unconventional rapping techniques have earned him a reputation as a hybrid within hip hop circles. In today’s digital age, Danny Brown’s social media status has propelled his popularity quite somewhat but is there more to him than a reputation and status that precedes him with an awing stature ? A seasoned performer, Brown has collaborated with the likes of Asap Rocky and numerous Detroit-based heavyweights and his politically provocative music does tend to raise a few heckles.


Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 2.18.04 PM



Malecon, Salsa & Bachata night

Cafeen Støberiet; Blågårdsplads; Sat 1st; 21:30, 50 kr

It’s time to condemn the demons of the dark, cold winter to the closet. This evening is part of a series of evenings over the spring dedicated towards promoting dance forms such salsa, bachata, merengue and reggaeton, all of which hail from the colourful continent of South America. Coaching sessions are also included in the evening’s entertainment.

Ostgut ton nacht / Ryan Elliott

Culture Box; Sat 1st; 21:00, 70 kr

Another motor city cat will be in town plying his trade in February. Ryan Elliott started started playing at legendary clubs like Detroit’s shelter before moving on to other renowned nightlife institutions like Barcelona’s sonar and various spots in Frankfurt and Berlin. An electronic chameleon, Elliott’s music wanders the territory of house, Detroit techno and the ocassional experimental surprise.


Going Underground: Sept 2013

As the festival season comes to a gradual end and the summer ebbs gently away, paving the way for the arrival of autumn, you’d be pleased to know that there are still quite a few events that’ll pique your interest in the city over the next month or so. Distortion Festival is back (if only momentarily in a minuscule late summer version, Red Bull will be throwing a huge event by Christiansborg plus there are several very interesting rock-related gigs here and there. Here’s the best of the bunch :

Friday 6th September: Distortion Garden party, AmagerFælled / 50 DKK- free entrance for everyone with a street armband from this year’s Distortion festival: Little is known about Distortion’s late summer garden party, other than that there will be a festival setup complete with different tents and the well-known rave bus. The relaxing confines of AmagerFælled are as an deal a location as any and with quite a few people committed to attending, expect a bright, breezy and entertaining evening.

Saturday 7th September, 13:00 : Red Bull Copen’Waken 2013 / FREE Red Bull are the maestros of cultural event design in the modern day, venturing into everything from arranging Snowboarding championships to running a very laissez faire albeit highly successful Formula one team. Their Cliff Diving competition held earlier this year off the glitzy Opera house was a huge success. This time round, Red Bull will be assembling 16 of the nation’s most adroit Wakeboarders for a competition that will leave many a spectator gasping at the array of trickery and showmanship. It all takes place by the canals alongside the iconic Danish Parliament, Christiansborg and is, unsurprisingly, free.


Red Bull CopenWaken 2013

Saturday 7th September, 21:00 : Concrete Rockers #1 Soundsystem Release: Bolsjefabrikken Ragnhildgade / FREE between 21:00-23:00, 40 DKK afterwards: Bolsjefabrikken or “The Candy Factory” is about as close to the mirror-free grunge environment of Berlin’s revered cultural aesthetics as you can come in these parts. With the more popular Bolsjefabrikken on Lærkevej set to close soon, the good news is that the larger, more spacious of the two candy factories on Ragnildgade has got a revamped soundsystem which will be tried for the first time on the evening. “Concrete Rockers” is the first in the series of musical events at the venue focused on showcasing heavy dub- based sounds.

Thursday 19th September, 21:00 : French Films, Ideal Bar: 90 DKK: Finnish alternative rockers French Films have got a new album out and return to Denmark following a solid showing at Roskilde’s pavilion junior stage last year. French Films sound like a sprightly concoction of The Beach Boys fused with Indie influences not too different from bands like Vampire Weekend. The band will be visiting Ideal Bar as part of their European / American tour, promoting their latest album, White Orchid.




Finnish band French Films:


Thursday 26th September, 21:00 : Shannon and The Clams, Drone : FREE: Nørrebro’s Drone is one of the few clubs in the city dedicated specifically to rock music. Loud, intimate and smoky, the venue welcomes Indie garage-punk trio, Shannon and The Clams for what should be a lively night. The Oakland-based indie group sound like a mix between the cult psychedelic bands of the 60’s fused with an ecstatic modern-day touch that mimics the style and mannerisms of synthpop act Santigold and will be backed by local band Fright Eye.

Friday 27th September : Chef Records, Store Vega: 200 DKK : The Danish Dancehall mafia, Chef Records have been performing at almost every music venue in the city this year, backed by the popularity of the likes of Raske Penge, Top Gunn and Klumben, all of whom are enjoying booming success as artists. Expect a sold-out show and lots of dancing.



Chef Record’s Raske Penge: Photo/

Saturday 5th October, 19:00 : Danish Beatbox Championships, Pumpehuset : 60 DKK pre-sale, 80 DKK at the door: Beatboxing is a musical discipline that has yet to attain recognition as an independent form of expression. The recently formed Danish Beatbox union (DBF) is however working on championing this cause locally and will be hosting an entertaining showcase of 16 of the nation’s slickest beat boxers, who have been selected on the basis of pre-sent video material. With rumours of a live stream of the event to a global audience rife, this is one show you’d like to say you had the pleasure of going to.

Music Listings, Copenhagen Late August 2013

Music listings, August 30th- September 5th

CocoRosie: If you’re one of the many nostalgics who long for Roskilde festival-esque experiences, or anything remotely similar from the second you leave the festival grounds every June, CocoRosie’s concert at Vega on the 3rd of September may well be the last such moment of the year. The American sisters sound like a user-friendly version of Icelandic standout Bjørk, albeit with far more indie influences demarcating their identity. CocoRosie are the sort of band that you’d hear shattering the silence of a dark European forest at the peak of summer. You’ll have to make do with experiencing them at Store Vega this time round, though their introspective sound will give your imagination plenty of leeway to run wild.

CocoRosie: Store Vega / 3rd September . 250 DKK

Lulu Rouge / Djuna Barnes : Lulu Rouge is one of the most well-known faces on the Danish deejay circuit, within which, along with the likes of Trentemøller and Mike Sheridan, he’s managed to carve a niche out for himself. A headliner at the annual Stella Polaris chillout festival, Lulu Rouge will most likely venture into a more dance-inducing setlist than his festival forays. He’ll be backed by one of Vesterbro’s most revered personalities, Djuna Barnes, who is no stranger to the world of deejaying and electronic music herself. Los Angeles based Awesome Tapes of Africa will be adding a tribal element to the proceedings with their funky, ritual-like sounds, making for quite a good mix of genres on the evening.


Cocorosie: Pic

Lulu Rouge / Djuna Barnes / Awesome Tapes From Africa : Rust. 30th August. 60 DKK

Signe Eeg: Signe Eeg’s music is the sort of thing you’d listen to on a Monday night after work. Her soothing voice is as calming as it is captivating, softly flanked by gentle piano accompaniments and the occasional flutter of contrabass. She’ll be performing at the bastion of all things jazz in this city, Monmatre, in a Matinee concert that’ll sooth you softly into September on the 1st of the month. Signe will also perform the evening before, if a Sunday afternoon of jazz is not to your taste.

Signe Eeg quartet, Jazzhus Monmatre, 31st Augustt (20:00) and 1st September (Matinee / 15.00) 375 DKK

Alain Apoloo / The Juke Joint / Modjo’s Blues Bar : Modjo’s Blues Bar is practically the only place that’s worth going to on a Monday night in this city (that is unless you’re into chanting karaoke and getting sloshed with tourists at Sam’s bar). Alain Apoloo may well one of the best guitarists Copenhagen has ever seen, and many in musical circuits wonder why he’s not signed to a major American music label touring the world. Luckily for Copenhagen, his feisty guitar-plucking and cocky vocal skills can still be heard every Monday at the Juke Joint, where many other underground talents strut their stuff in the open jam session.

Alain Apollo: Modjo’s Blues Bar, 2nd September : 20:00 / FREE

Katolysik / Jazzhouse, 30th August 60 DKK

A bit of a wildcard this one. If you’re into spoken word, Katolysik are a dynamic duo who combine poetry (some freestyle) with a guitar and effects pedal. Their lyrical themes seem to capture the imagination of the Danish zeitgeist quite well, hence their popularity. There are also few other rivals in the spoken word category of music in the city, so expect a unique experience but do brush up on your Danish, as some of it can be a bit hard to understand for the untrained ear.

Tina Dickow / Tivoli, 30th August. 95 DKK

Few Danish singers can compete with Tina Dickow at the moment. In fact, if you’re one of those in search of high quality “local” music, look no further. The Århus-born Dickow has gained popularity both locally and abroad for her adventurous forays into the world of the singer-songwriter, producing her music through an independent label. Tivoli is a great place to see her whilst there’s still a slight chance of sun and good weather.


Tina Dicow_

Twista / Pumpehuset, 31st August. 180 DKK

A couple of years ago, Pumpehuset was headed for bankruptcy and catastrophe therein. Fast forward and the hard work of getting the venue back on its feet is paying off, with many quality bookings being made at the moment to restore the venue’s profile. Twista holds the coveted accolade of being the world’s fastest rapper, capable of “spitting” a bewildering 598 characters in 55 seconds according to the Guinness Book of Records. A seasoned veteran in the world of hip hop, Twista, or “Tongue Twista” as he was known in the past will be supported by Dj Hornes, Realz and Denmark’s uncrowned pop Prince, Joe Moe, the latter of whom has a new album out on the streets currently.

Rub a dub – SRF afterparty / Pharfar single release: 1st September / Stengade. 50 DKK

This year’s very first Scandinavian reggae festival is likely to be a grand affair with the likes of Albarosie, Raske Penge and Mr Vegas performing on Refshaleøen. If the deserted island is too far off, catch a snapshot of the action at the official after party which has been bound with one of the most exciting nights on the monthly calendar, Rub a dub Sunday’s. Danish Dancehall don, PharFar will be releasing an eagerly anticipated new album on the evening which will also feature appearances from the Donkeysound record label, one of the powerhouses behind the upsurge in Danish dancehall at the moment.

Downbeat Impact Vs Larica, BolsjeFabrikken (LÆRKEVEJ, Nørrebro): FREE

The legendary Candy Factory on Lærkevej or BolsjeFabrikken as it is known locally will soon be closing. Before it does however, some of the house’s veritable patrons, cult Ska Outfit Larica will probably tear the roof off it with what will surely be a mammoth evening. Larica will be backed by a host of local and international names on the evening. Did we mention that beers cost a meagre 10 DKK ?

Troels Abrahamsen : Bipolar release party, 30th August, Culture Box, 70 DKK

Troels Abrahamsen is better known as the leader of Danish electronic rock outfit Veto. The charismatic frontman combines lazy, high pitch vocals with trippy albeit lightweight beat structures that are more ideal to sway along to than they are to going amok. Abrahamsen will be flanked by popular trouble maker James Braun and names such as Erosion Flow and Walk Live. As usual, there are 2 rooms to choose from, the larger, more spacious Black Box and the basement Red room, with its low ceiling and lo-fi aesthetics.


Troels Abrahamsan:

Going Underground I- It’s snow wonder we’re fed up

March 1, 2013 – 08:00

It’s minus something outside and even those eager Facebook enthusiasts who were actively uploading one picture after another to document their love of snow when it all started back in December are now starting to lose their patience with the stuff. With spring still a good way off, Underground would hereby be delighted to take you by the hand and guide you towards several carefully picked hotspots at which you can find entertainment, laughs, and that elusive bit of encouragement that’ll propel you forward in this seemingly endless winterscape of white and grey.

I think it’s fair to say that most people reading this define a good night out as having a bit more to it than what one may otherwise experience at the gaudy concoction of tourist traps and mainstream hotspots that decorate the city centre. If gulping dodgy-coloured shots with porn star names in Kulør Bar to the sounds of pop products like Rihanna and David ‘one piano key’ Guetta is not your thing, please read on. If it is, then excuse the judgment.
February has been a surprisingly good month for music in Copenhagen, with the likes of Christiania icon Wafande doing his bit for the Danish dancehall revolution with a solid show at Vega. Drum ‘n’ bass fans are surely also all smiles at the moment following Andy C’s monumental gig at Pumpehuset.  The concert was something of a coup for the recently re-established concert venue who also managed to pay their respects to Bob Marley with a tribute concert by the late icon’s son, Ky Mani Marley.  Berlin’s electronic music veterans Modeselektor added a sheen of gloss to the month that’s gone by with a sensational performance at a sold-out Store Vega, so all in all it’s been a good one, despite the snow and the cold. But what about March then?
Underground recommends:
Tako Lako 
Serbian-influenced psychedelic gypsy vibe is how one of the members of Danish band Tako Lako describes their music. Known for chaotic concerts and a cultivated dislike of mainstream music, this band have played far and wide over the last couple of years and show few signs of stopping. If you haven’t seen them yet, now would be a good time to hop onboard the Tako Lako revolution.
Rust; Fri March 1; 100kr
Support party for 
It doesn’t get any more underground than Bolsjefabrikken. This fundraising event features the likes of dancehall mainstays Mighty Mala and Chancho, Cumbiatronica masters Copia Doble Sistema and other random names on the underground circuit, all of whom will be playing to raise money for the movement. Organisations expected to have a presence there include Queer Jihad, Stop Udvisningerne, Boykot G4S, Free Gaza, Crisis Mirror and Socialistisk UngdomsFront.
Bolsjefabrikken, Ragnhildgade 1, Cph N; Sat March 2, 20:00-04:00; 40kr 
Kaizers Orchestra 
Kaizers Orchestra’s music is folk rock with heavily eastern European influences from a Norwegian sextet based in the city of Bergen. It sounds a little bit spacey, a little bit gypsy and rather wild, so prepare to break a rib or two and brush up on your Norwegian if you fancy attempting the nearly impossible task of understanding their lyrics.
Store Vega; March 10; 250kr
Lulu Rouge
Lulu Rouge is Denmark’s unsung hero of electronic music. Some may recognise Lulu from his exploits at the annual Stella Polaris chillout festival where he’s played alongside the likes of Moby and Groove Armada, whilst others may know him from his work with Agnes Obel, one of the nation’s foremost pianists. Playing in Culture Box’s recently built basement red room ought to be something of an experience for both Lulu and anyone attending.
Culture Box, Red booth; March 15; 50kr
Mahala Rai Banda
Mahala Rai Banda’s music is as uncouth and as unpretentious as the name suggests. This is Romani music at its best, complete with several brass band army veterans from the same famous village that bands such as Fanfare Ciocarlia hail from. It’s not too different to the sort of music featured in Sasha Baron Cohen’s provocative comedy Borat and its playful twist will surely tickle most.
Global Nørrebro; March 16; 110kr
Reptile Youth
Previously known as Reptile n Retard, this electronic rock duo were responsible for one of the best Roskilde Festival concerts of 2011, providing a rollercoasting two hours of mayhem at Pavilion Junior. Back then, the lead singer timed a perilous clamber onto the pylons supporting the stage at the climax of the show to fling himself into the crowd below. There aren’t any pylons at Lille Vega so it might not get quite as exaggerated this time round. Reptile Youth’s music is produced by none other than David M Allen, a producer who’s worked with the likes of Depeche Mode and The Cure. Enough said.
Lille Vega; Fri March 8, 150kr