Turbulence, Store Vega, December 2017

Pictures from the performance of Turbulence, momondo’s staff band, who filled Store Vega with aplomb. Highlights of the evening included an unexpected if not epic performance of ‘Careless Whisper.’ Cue that epic sax intro!


















About Me


14316890_10154505508844450_9124420032878476275_n Journalist and content marketing expert. I currently work as a Brand Activation Coordinator for the meta travel  search, momondo



I am a creative, impassioned individual with talents ranging from digital photography to word wizardry.  I currently reside in Denmark with my girlfriend, Mette. On this website, you will find a few of the things that have made me tick over the last few years.

To name but some of the things I do (or have done)

Written texts

KAYAK, momondo, Huffington Post, TED Talks (TEDxKEA), The Copenhagen Post, The Local Europe, Luxplus.co.uk, Danish Architechture Centre (ArcSpace), Talentguiden, Roskilde University

Documentary Filmmaking

The Danish Foreign Ministry, Jengo


The Local Europe, The Copenhagen Post, Distortion Festival, Arenal Sound Festival, Sonar International Music Festival, Luxplus.co.uk


Through an NGO (Jengo) founded with a couple of close friends, I have raised over 10´000 USD for various development projects in Africa, including the construction of a school and windmill power generation schemes in Tanzania.

I have also worked with development projects in both Lebanon and Denmark, under the auspices of Game Denmark

Email: allanm46@gmail.com



Core skills:

  • Influencer marketing, purpose-based marketing, content marketing, brand ambassadorship, brand activation, campaign management
  • Communication: strategic, digital, rhetorical, CSR
  • Journalism, script writing, creative writing, technical writing, copywriting (English)
  • Content creation (Video, image, text)
  • Content management
  • Translation (English, Danish, Spanish, French, Swahili)
  • Photography : concert, portraiture, still life, abstract, visual storytelling



Fundraising via a TED talk at Copenhagen’s Black Diamond Library, 2015

IT  Skills : SEO, Google adwords, Google Webmaster, Google Drive, Majestic, Google Business, Wix, Weebly, CMS systems, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Picasa WordPress


Native : English, Danish

Fluent (written and spoken): Spanish, Swahili

Fluent (spoken): French


Masters graduate Roskilde University : MA Communication and Performance Design, 2015. Thesis : “Corporate Social Responsibility in the Non-Profit Sector”

Bachelor, Roskilde University: BA Communication and Performance Design, 2013. Bachelor thesis: “Plug Off-The Pitfalls of Digital Connectedness Amongst Millenials”

Cambridge A – level certificate with merit – Greensteds International School,


Wide eyed and weary

I am wide eyed and weary

and the sweat of the day has left me drenched

My heart parched

my soul vacuous

A cavern draped in the blisters of time

Still within this cocoon of hope I sleep

A whispered hush across a breezy field

A ripple in a raging tide

My thoughts mute to the loot

of narcissistic men and unsure women

And of dream-carved nightmares

Dented democracies and catastrophic communists

Self serving kingdoms and self-defacing subjects

Crying forests and injured natives

Jubilant elite and rejoicing taxmen

And scornful heretics of the religiously fanatic

Whose blood and sweat tar the stairwell to Hades

Whose efforts hijacked an idea and mass produced it

To laymen looking for a flickering light

In the valley of the shadow of death

Wide eyed and weary

I shall fear no evil

No whistling thorns and no false hopes

All I see is but brotherly bliss

And camaraderie across difference

I see a small minority of conservative loons

A majority of ardent purveyors

Wide eyed and glaring

Their hearts ablaze

Their souls candlelit embers in the light of life

And in this cocoon of hope we sleep

Wide eyed and weary, searching for an angry fix

Wandering towards a dawn in the black streets of town


Screen shot 2013-12-09 at 10.48.04 PM

A View From The Clouds

I’m on the pink pedestal above the clouds

Where the air is rare and crisp

The world below me is a world asleep

Awash in a myriad of colours from the stars above

The day is not dead and the night is not alive

She does not stir, a beautiful behemoth at peace

And here I stand with the sky on my shoulders

Held aloft by the winds of my ancestors

My face is torn and tense and my mind is in a warp

My soles are blistered and my dignity charred

But I am alive, alive alive

And I can scream into the setting sun and the jeer the dying day

I can laugh well into the oncoming night

And dance on the cusp of the dawn

For my tears of elation shall fall as raindrops on your soul

And my swiveling dreams will echo as whispers in eternity

The weight of the world on my outstretched arms

The billowing dawn of the night upon my cheeks