Putting things into perspective

Photography exhibitions (and more broadly, exhibitions in general) are more often than not, monologues that tend to present a view of the world that emanates from the perspective of their perfomers and the organisers.

There is, however, an ever-increasing ambition to involve audiences more in the performance dialogue – an intent if you like, to bridge the gap between performer and audience. Yet in a world as replete with diversity as ours, how does one go about doing so in practice?

Olympus’ Perspective Playground is one example of an exhibition that shatters the boundaries between performer and audience, so much so that I would scarcely call it an exhibition. Held in numerous European cities, Perspective Playground is an interactive experience that allows audiences to borrow an Olympus camera of their choice and wander through a series of art installations.

I’ll let the pictures that my girlfriend and I took at Copenhagen’s Perpective Playground edition speak for themselves. As a published photographer and performance designer, naturally, this was an environment I felt very inspired in. With this said, the installation is truly is a work of art that is accessible to all audiences, from beginners to world-class pros and everything in between.

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About Me


14316890_10154505508844450_9124420032878476275_n Journalist and content marketing expert. I currently work for the meta travel  search, momondo

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I am a creative, impassioned individual with talents ranging from digital photography to word wizardry.  I currently reside in Denmark with my girlfriend, Mette. On this website, you will find a few of the things that have made me tick over the last few years.

To name but some of the things I do (or have done)

Written texts

momondo, Huffington Post, TED Talks (TEDxKEA), The Copenhagen Post, The Local Europe, Luxplus.co.uk, Danish Architechture Centre (ArcSpace), Talentguiden, Roskilde University

Documentary Filmmaking

The Danish Foreign Ministry, Jengo


The Local Europe, The Copenhagen Post, Distortion Festival, Arenal Sound Festival, Sonar International Music Festival, Luxplus.co.uk


Through an NGO (Jengo) founded with a couple of close friends, I have raised over 10´000 USD for various development projects in Africa, including the construction of a school and windmill power generation schemes in Tanzania.

I have also worked with development projects in both Lebanon and Denmark, under the auspices of Game Denmark

Email: allanm46@gmail.com



Core skills:

  • Influencer marketing, purpose-based marketing, content marketing, brand ambassadorship, brand activation
  • Communication: strategic, digital, rhetorical, CSR
  • Journalism, script writing, creative writing, technical writing, copywriting (English)
  • Content creation (Video, image, text)
  • Content management
  • Translation (English, Danish, Spanish, French, Swahili)
  • Photography : concert, portraiture, still life, abstract, visual storytelling



Fundraising via a TED talk at Copenhagen’s Black Diamond Library, 2015

IT  Skills : SEO, Google adwords, Google Webmaster, Google Drive, Majestic, Google Business, Wix, Weebly, CMS systems, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Picasa WordPress


Native : English, Danish

Fluent (written and spoken): Spanish, Swahili

Fluent (spoken): French


Masters graduate Roskilde University : MA Communication and Performance Design, 2015. Thesis : “Corporate Social Responsibility in the Non-Profit Sector”

Bachelor, Roskilde University: BA Communication and Performance Design, 2013. Bachelor thesis: “Plug Off-The Pitfalls of Digital Connectedness Amongst Millenials”

Cambridge A – level certificate with merit – Greensteds International School,


The journey so far

2017: One of my pictures was exhibited by The Danish Architecture Centre as part of their “Capture your city” exhibition at their headquarters in Copenhagen.

Skærmbillede 2017-07-15 kl. 22.50.21.png

Skærmbillede 2017-07-15 kl. 22.51.35

2016: Hired as an Editorial Assistant by the Danish travel metasearch, momondo

Skærmbillede 2017-07-15 kl. 22.39.56

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2016: Lidl, “En bid af Danmark – A bite of Denmark” – One of my pictures was featured on all Lidl packaging in Denmark



2016: Hired as a Freelance Journalist by The Danish Architechture Centre

Skærmbillede 2016-03-18 kl. 11.46.21

Click here for Arcspace content portfolio

2015: Ted Talk at TEDxKEA: I gave a presentation to a crowd of over 400 people at The Black Diamond Library, Copenhagen. As a result of the talk, my NGO, Jengo, gained full funding for the completion of the construction of a school in Tanzania, complements of donations by, amongst others, Invisibobble

Click here to view my TEDx presentation


2015 : Featured in Bitchslap Magazine, a European skate and urban sports magazine, who did an article about my short documentary film, “Bryllup I Bushen” (“The Wedding in The Bush”)

“Allan’s intention was to “attract the attention of the privileged world to some of the problems of the less-endowed” essentially “a call to arms to promote the small actions from those in positions of privilege that can have major lasting impacts on the lives of others who do not have access to human rights”.


2015: I gave a speech to over 100 people at The Main Library in Copenhagen “Life in The Most Unequal of Epochs.”


2015: One of my pictures makes it into the Top 10 at The Oslo Plus Acumen Photo Auction in Oslo

Skærmbillede 2016-03-18 kl. 15.08.0511913392_10153553012654450_7725477127790048775_n

2015: Produced and directed “The Wedding in The Bush” – A documentary film for The Danish Foreign Ministry which won a grant as part of its funding

Watch The Wedding in The Bush here


2015: Master of Arts in Communication & Performance Design, Roskilde University (GPA 10 (Grade A)

Skærmbillede 2017-07-16 kl. 01.15.28.png

2015: Co-founded Jengo, an NGO that works with development in Tanzania. Jengo has since built schools, dissemenated knowledge on how to build DIY windmills for under $20, engaged in Albino protection efforts through community education

Skærmbillede 2017-07-16 kl. 01.11.09.png

2015: Official photographer, Sonar Copenhagen

See all my Sonar Copenhagen pictures here


2015: I travelled to Lebanon under the auspices of GAME Denmark with whom I worked on development projects in Beirut, spanning zones such as Burj el Barajneh and The Shatila Palestinian refugee camp, using urban culture as a catalyst for youth-led social change


2014: Hired as a Freelance Journalist by The Local Denmark,at the time, one of Europe’s largest English-language news networks

Click here for my portfolio, The Local

Skærmbillede 2017-07-16 kl. 01.32.16.png

2013: Hired as a Project Co-ordinator for GAME Denmark, a Danish NGO that uses street sports and urban culture as a catalyst for youth-led change with emphasis on leading efforts to provide opportunities for ethnic minorities to thrive in Danish society. GAME Denmark is now a Top 500 NGO globally.


2011: Hired as a Section Editor by The Copenhagen Post (at the time, Denmark’s largest English-language daily) Skærmbillede 2017-07-16 kl. 01.25.00Click here for my Copenhagen Post portfolio

2011: Co-founded The Papaya Magazine, Roskilde University’s first English-language online magazine




Sample Piece, Shecco

Sample piece written for Shecco, a Belgian company focusing on accelerating market developments with refrigeration. This piece landed a job offer in Brussels in 2016.

Subject: Tech / renewable / sustainability

Targeted recipient of message, The Chinese Government

There is No Quick Fix For The Challenge of C02 Emissions.

The need for sustainable solutions aimed at reducing CO2 emissions in the future has never been greater. In the 1990’s, the global discourse on the issue of C02 emissions was hinged on the idea of phasing out chloroflourocarbons (known in common parlance as CFC’s). Arguments at the time pointed to holes in the ozone layer that were caused by these depleting agents, found in various aerosol cans, fridges and other items.

What resulted was a shift from CFS to hydroflourocarbons (HCFC’s); strong greenhouse gases that are regulated by the Kyoto Protocol. Whilst it can be argued that their effect is less debilitating than that of CFC’s, it is far from optimal. In fact, when compared to the use of natural refrigerants such as water, air, carbon dioxide and ammonia, the use of HCFC’S can only be legitimized in the context of arguments that protect the market share and investments of the companies that manufacture them.

The fact that they still enjoy such widespread application is a testament to the patch solutions that have come to define many an environmental legislative action. Yes, the problem has been reduced, but it has not been solved. The current global paradigm as far as C02 emission reduction remains rooted in quick fixes such as this that replace one harmful entity with another that is slightly less harmful.

The Need for A Paradigm Shift

The Natural Voice is an open global statement supported by Industry and other parties speaking out about the potential of Natural Refrigerants as a mainstream solution in a growing number of sectors already today and their potential to replace potent greenhouse gases in many others.

This conglomerate of sense makers affirms in the potential and indeed in the need for more widespread use of natural refrigerants. Economically, ecologically and socially, natural refrigerants represent a win-win situation for companies, people and businesses in a world that is increasingly driven by a need to consider the wider implications of industrial activity.

Ratified by over 105 signatories including giants such as Unilever and Panasonic, the arguments put forth by the natural voice represent a trend towards cleaner solutions to the needs of society, one that consumers the world over have articulated with greater intensity in recent years and certainly a trend that will play a huge role in the demands made by consumers to businesses in the future.

In China, rapid industrialization and post-industrialization imply the importance of this need being articulated prominently throughout Chinese society. Supporting this, Christian Overgaard, Danfoss’ supplier in China puts it as follows:

Sign the Natural Voice

”This historical decision [adoption of the EU F-gas Regulation] is a potential game changer for the industry.” ”It is a signal that policies will lean towards more climate-friendly refrigerants in the future.” ”I believe that this decision will also encourage a market transition to natural refrigerants such as CO2 and ammonia in China.”

With one of the world’s giants in the heating and cooling industry taking such vehement notice of this need, it is imperative that governments react to the needs and articulations of key stakeholders such as business. The result is a win-win situation for governments, businesses, people and crucially, the planet – the latter of which makes it possible for all other elements to exist.

It is time to support the work of The National Voice in reducing hydrocarbons in developed and developing countries. Join over 105 global signatories and help lead the wave of evolution that is needed to guarantee a safe and sustainable future for our planet.