Capital Fluxus at CPH Dox Awards Ceremony

Pics from Capital Fluxus’ performance at CPH Dox’s Awards Ceremony – held at Charlottenborg Palace, Copenhagen.

As Copenhagen Dox, the city’s largest documentary film festival made its return after a one and a half year hiatus, Capital Fluxus marked their musical versatility with a performance at the festival’s awards ceremony.

Who are Capital Fluxus?

“Capital Fluxus are well on their way to becoming one of Europe’s most interesting hip hop acts – and well, honestly, they already are.” “They respect the basics of hip hop and urban music, and additionally try to shake things up by tossing some actual art into the mix.”

Vice Magazine, Denmark – Read full review here.

For Bitchslap Magazine’s low-down on Capital Fluxus’ first major tune, read here


And here’s a their latest video:

CAPITAL FLUXUS – NOL & SOL from Jacob Schill on Vimeo.

The Kenyan Coast, December 2016

This is a journey back to the country I grew up in — this time round in the company of my girlfriend. I find myself guilty, each and every single day, of forgetting just how beautiful a country it was and still is.

Most people relate to Kenya through the glossy images and videos that travel boards market — or through the stories of children in need of food and a penny or two of your donations during prime time broadcasting. Both scenarios present an exaggerated view of a nation of so many facades.

Our journey begins in Mombasa — Kenya’s second city, which is a loud, polluted mess. Many of its hotels of yesteryear are now a distant flicker of the glorious tourism heyday and now stand crumbling — behemoths under the African sun.

But this is Africa though (TIA), so for every crumbling hotel, there is a fighting soul forking out a living for themselves — making ends meet. There is hope, everywhere — a force that is as constant as the lingering heat and the blue of the ocean.



I am no fan of Mombassa but tuk-tuk rides can be fun. This one was


Mombassa’s Nyali beach is not exactly paradise lost but some of it can be appealing it its own way


Here, you will find overpriced, half- starved camels that suffer in the hot sun to cure your selfie fetishes. I need not add that these mighty beasts are not native to these parts


Nonetheless, perched on their back, as in the Lawrence of Arabia days – you will find one tourist after another who thinks it’s cool to plod along the beach in tow


If you want something a bit more real – wander north to Kilifi – 65 kilometres north of Mombassa. This was taken from the road on the way to my godmother’s house as we ventured inland, past the glittering Kilifi creek


The real magic starts when you venture south though – to Diani and further on, Galu beach- 33 kilometers  south of Mombassa


Daybreak  in these parts is an overture, masterfully woven – the water was still enough to paint on that particular morning


Rupturing the peace ever so slightly, a fishing boat coasted gently along, leaving weak ripples in its wake


Noon, and the overhead sky never looked more divine. There is something pacifying in the shade of a coconut tree


Nothing beats the water though


I am humbled, time and again by these mystical creatures – masters of the seas


We found this sandbank in the middle of the Ocean, a barrier between the reef and the shore that rears its sandy head at low-tide


Come dawn, back at shore and the distant clouds are aflame once again


Clumsy creatures descend from the heavens, strangers in the early night whose arrival on the beach is marked by a short burst of rushing air followed by a thud and the occasional scream.


Dusk turns symphonic just before the curtain call. I will miss these emphatic colours and the coruscating waters of the Indian Ocean. I will miss the smiling people – my people and their ways under the sun

The W.H.Y Community

The W.H.Y community webpage was designed with a mid to top-tier management clientele in mind, under the auspices of the consultancy firm, Core and Company, who I interned with at the time.

As creative director and copywriter for this project, I was tasked with building the webpage, setting a tone of voic, finding imagery and creating content relevant for the aforementioned target group. The screenshots below are examples of the finished product


Skærmbillede 2016-08-20 kl. 10.57.43

Skærmbillede 2016-08-20 kl. 10.58.10

Skærmbillede 2016-08-20 kl. 10.58.25

Skærmbillede 2016-08-20 kl. 10.58.59Skærmbillede 2016-08-20 kl. 10.59.37Skærmbillede 2016-08-20 kl. 10.58.42

People of Distortion, The International Edition

Distortion Festival 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark. We had fun on the streets of Nørrebro, Vesterbro and on the party island of Refshaleøen. Did you?

Here are some of the international contingent that wandered the streets for four catharctic days of merrymaking, plus a video that sums up the kind of party we had in my borough, Vesterbro.



3 Michailis Greece

Mischa, Greece: ”Distortion is pure catharsis

4 Julianne USA

Julianne, U.S.A: ”Distortion speaks for itself – it is one of the best non-corporate festivals in the world.”

11 Borja Spain

Borja, Spain: “Distortion represents Copenhagen: It is incredibly open minded”

10 Edu Spain

Edu, Spain: ”The atmosphere here is contagious.”

9 Rueben Portugal

Ruben, Portugal: ”Look around you man! What’s not to like?”

8 David Sweden

David, Sweden: ”Distortion is a great place to meet people!”

6 Paulo Portugal

Paulo, Portugal: ”This is my 4th year now – I love electronic music and Distortion has a great line up.”

12 Irene Spain

Irene, Spain: “Distortion makes me dance and scream!”

5 Malthe Germany

Malte, Germany: ”There’s a great sense of togetherness here.”

2 Edoardo Italy

Edoardo, Italy: ”This is the best party in the world.”

7 Leire Spain .jpg

Leire, Spain: ”There is nowhere in the world like this place!”

1 Aleksandra Poland

Aleksandra, Poland: ”I just love it here!”

3 Lil Germany

Lil, Germany: “This is the best electronic music festival in Denmark”

4 Ramon Spain

Ramon, Spain: “I’m taking notes so I can bring Distortion to Spain.”

2 Siya Germany

Siya, Germany: ” Why am I here? The question is why not?”

1 Peter Poland jpg

Peter, Poland: “Pancake turntablism 2.0.”

Carl Prisen 2016

Carl Prisen 2016, A showcase of Danish Music

In a year in which both Lukas Graham and Mø have made headlines abroad with top ten hits that have taken Danish music to an international audience, it comes as no surprise that both of the aforementioned artists were richly rewarded at the annual Carl Prize, held at Carlsberg’s iconic ”Jacobsen” brewery. Whilst few Danish musicians have broken the threshold of international stardom, there are encouraging signs that this may be about to change.

Christiania-born and bred Lukas Graham raked in the accolade for the composition of the year within the category of pop for the songs on his eponymous album. The chart topper ’7 years,’ on the same album, also won the prize for the song of the year. For her part, Mø went home with an unsurprising reward for the most streamed song of the year, ’Lean on’ which was made in collaboration with American producer, Major Lazer and has over 1.3 billion views on YouTube. The Sony signed starlet also pocketed the honour of International success of the year, due in no small part, no doubt, to the overpowering global reach of ‘Lean on.’

Now in its fourth year, The Carl Prize aims to reward the efforts of songwriters and composers and features 12 different prizes, ranging from the classical composer of the year to the upcoming talent of the year. Hosted by the hirsute children’s entertainment figure, Mikkel Lomborg and singer Pernille Rosendahl, the awards ceremony drew over 200 participants to the rustic confines of the Jacobsen brewery on Monday.

A full list of all winners follows below:

Cash prizes of 30´000 Kroner for the talent of the year: Rock band, The Kikos and classical composer, Per Nørgård (who gave the award to Cellist Jakob Kullberg)

The honour award: Per Nørgård (who received a standing ovation for his efforts within classical music composition over the years)

Classic Composer of the year: Grand Ensemble: Sunleif Rasmussen for ”Symphony Number 2, The Earth Anew.”

Classical Composer of the year: Small Ensemble:  Karsten Fundal & Efterklang for the opera ”Leaves – The Colour of Falling.”

Composer of the year – film score: Jonas Struck for his score to the film ”Idealisten” (The Idealist.)

Composer of the year: Children’s music: Stine Michel for the songs in the theatre play ”The Light and The Spider of Luck.”

Composer of the year – Roots:  Rune Thorsteinsson for the songs on the album ”Global Compositions.”

Composer of the year – Jazz: Jakob Bro for the works on the album ”Gefion.”

Composer of the year – Pop:  Lukas Forchhammer, Stefan Forrest, Morten Ristorp, Morten Pilegaard (Lukas Graham) for the songs on the album ”Lukas Graham (Blue album.)

Composer of the year – Rock: Jonas Schmidt, Robert Jensen Buhl, Søren Jensen Buhl, Peter Bøgvad Hansen (Blaue Blume) for the songs on the album ”Syzygy.”

Most played song of the year (Airplay + Streaming)

Karen Marie Ørsted (Mø) for “Lean On” which has over 1.3 Billion views on YouTube.

Talent of the year (Including a check of 30´000 Kroner):

The Kikos

Songwriter of the year:

Marie Key for the texts to the songs on the albums Do You Think We Should Dance?

International success of the year:

Karen Marie Ørsted (Mø)

Song of the Year:

”7 Years” Morten Pilegaard, David James Labrel, Christopher Stephen Brown, Lukas Forchhammer, Stefan Forrest and Morten Ristorp Jensen.

Pictures by Allan Kortbaek


Tanzania 2015

Last year (2015) I was fortunate to live amongst the Maasai of Tanzania as part of a documentary film project and a fundraising initiative organised by myself and my good friend, Lars Ulrik Nielsen. Whilst in Tanzania, we also worked with Albinos at the risk of persecution and discrimination. Here are some of the pictures of our experience. Learn more about our work:

  1. Bitchslap Magazine Interview about My Short Documentary Film, “Bryllup I Bushen” (“The Wedding in The Bush,” made for The Danish Foreign Ministry
  2. Watch the documentary film, “Bryllup I Bushen”
  3. Read an article written about our trip to Africa