Capital Fluxus, waiting for the beat 2 drop since 1991

One of the exciting side-projects that I am working on right now is a hip-hop band that goes by the name of Capital Fluxus.

Contact me or use the details provided at the bottom of this post if you want to hear more or join us at Rust nightclub in the heart of Copenhagen’s Nørrebronx on the 3rd of August.

Capital Fluxus put the m in ‘multicultural’, with their French, Rwandese, Danish, Swedish and English influences. Theirs is a music replete with variation and contemplation; a sonorous repertoire that challenges, thrills and questions all at once.

Capital Fluxus Are About To Take Denmark By Storm

Even the most savvy of music nerds may not yet have heard of the name Capital Fluxus. Mark my word and watch this space though, for this exciting hip-hop quadrant is about to burst onto the scene with a vengeance.

“Waiting 4 the beat 2 drop since 1991”

Capital Fluxus are an unlikely combination of two Swedes (Jacob Schill & Jonas Algers) a Frenchman (Robin Houselstein) and a Dane with Rwandan roots (Céleste Nshimiyimana). A potpourri borne of a common affection for hip hop and beats, the name Capital Fluxus is a reference to the economic narratives of our time and life around them.


Listen on Spotify

With the release of their first single, CTD (“Cherish The Day) in the bag earlier this year, Capital Fluxus are moving on to bigger and brighter prospects. Leading the charge with their latest release, “BYS” (“By Your Side”) – an upbeat tribute to the ups (and downs) of the summer, Capital Fluxus have also been booked for a first appearance at Copenhagen’s Rust night club on the 3rd of August.

The BYS release is one of a quintet of refreshing tracks off the “Capital Fluxus EP” which continues the tradition of re-interpreting the diverse music of English singer-songwriter, Sade.




For Booking + Enquiries contact:


OR (+45) 50198706



Don’t take my word for it though, check out the following review of Capital Fluxus:


 Bitchslap Magazine

“Hailing from Sweden, Denmark/Rwanda and France the lads have just dropped their first tune, Cherish The Day, and it’s perfect Friday evening warm down material.”
















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