Sample Piece: The Revelry

Sample piece made for The Revelry Singapore

(Upmarket experience-economy leisure products)

Stately Revelry (No You Don’t Have to Break The Bank)


You’re in the mood for a good night out that’ll put you at the top of your game without you having to break a sweat. * Disclaimer: We cannot give you swag that will make the crowds swoon as if you were Sean Connery but we can send you to locations that will allow you to play your cards in a straight flush.



Night falls – you’re peckish and you’re in need of quality wining and dining. You’re on the lookout for a location that brims with sophistication minus the pretentious vibe that can leave you wondering why you didn’t check into the local kebab shop for a fraction of the price.


That Sounds Great!


It does indeed – Cue modern gastro that marries the Singaporean culinary experience with European dishes in an open kitchen where local talent Han Li Guang is the designated parish preacher, all for less than a cool $100.


I Want to Dance Though!


And with good reason. Turn on your dapper factor! “Rakes” would be more at home in Las Vegas but we do live in a globalised world so why do a Johnny Depp in ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ when you can get the same sort of hedonistic shenanigans locally? (OK, maybe not quite as exaggerated as our man Johnny). You’ll be entertained at a venue that bills Formula One paddock deejays and has won clubbing accolades for its illustrious LED lighting.




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