St Paty’s fest to paint the town green

Skærmbillede 2015-03-12 kl. 11.00.23

Original article published for The Local, available here: are a group of driven music fans who’ve taken the time and effort to build turn their passion for rock music into a website containing concert reviews of Danish gigs, interviews with musicians and music opinions that reach out to a global audience.

One of the fixtures on their calendar is an annual St Patrick’s Day celebration, held each March in commemoration of the death of Ireland’s most-recognized patron saint.

On Saturday, the webzine will be hosting a St Patty’s bash at Nørrebro’s legendary Stengade venue, a location that has seen its fair share of flamboyant, rafter-raising gatherings. With the memories of last year’s party still lingering (the bar record was smashed with some aplomb), 2015 is on course to be another success.

In keeping with the Irish spirit, the venue will be lavishly adorned with memorabilia in the form of shamrocks, Irish aesthetics, and yes, you guessed it, perhaps even the odd leprechaun. There will also be plenty of green beer for thirsty souls.

Musically, the highlights of the evening include Rovers Ahead, a raucous mob centred around Dublin-born vocalist Nathan Corcoran and his deafening tales of debauchery and mischief. Another equally exciting prospect, Larica, look set to add musical dimension to the proceedings, with their unique orchestral ska and its mesmeric qualities that have been proven in numerous underground venues from Christiania’s Operaen to Ungdomshuset.

The wildcard entry of the evening is a young melodic punk group from Freiburg who go by the name of The Deadnotes and whose qualities as a live outfit have been widely praised in music circles.

The festivities get underway at 8pm and free beer will be served to the early arrivals.

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