Networkr : Re – Thinking Professional Networking

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Illustration : Dovile Montvydaite


Networkr: Re-thinking Professional Networking

A recurrent theme within the TEDxKEA narrative has been that of the numerous possibilities provided by the digital age. Never in the history of our existence have we had the possibilities to connect and communicate with each other as we do at present. This avalanche of opportunities, however, is not without challenges, as one of our speakers notes. Whilst we find ourselves exposed to seemingly innumerable options, it is also true that there is a need for more specificity.

Meet Networkr, a simple mobile application designed to aid the process of people connecting with each other at events, with a broader view of encouraging meaningful dialogue between them. The app, built by Nodes, a creative digital bureau working with an enviable portfolio within the industry, aims to complement the attributes of existing networking platforms such as Linkedin, albeit offering a more streamlined as well as more personal experience. Networkr’s CEO, Tim Groot believes that “It is difficult to find people that are interesting for you to interact with, professionally”. He adds: “Right now, one does so on a trial and error basis – you meet some people at an event and interact with them, but there are many more who you don’t get the chance to meet who could be more interesting or more relevant.”

Networking via mobile applications is nothing new, unlike the manner in which Networkr focuses on geographical proximity and/or a specific frame of interaction like attending events. Tim Groot wants connect people through mutual interest in a certain event, whilst utilising the higher sense of urgency that is present at these, where people want to interact with others in a meaningful way.

Moreover, the app creates a match between people based on a mutual interest, much in the same operative manner as the popular dating app, Tinder. This implies that both parties have to opt into requests to interact, limiting spamming whilst creating meaningful dialogues between people. “The matches that you acquire are not just people that are interesting for you, but also people who are interested in you”, remarks Tim Groot. Another feature that adds ballast to the potential of the application is the ability to connect before, during and after an event – aiding interaction possibilities whilst ensuring that there is also an element of sustainability created within the dialogues exchanged; meaningful interaction is created as people can contact one another once the event has ended. This increases the value of the event and changes the way we think about and organise our time and space. An event sphere around a particular happening is thus created, creating viable links between people of otherwise seemingly different interests, drawn together by the common event.

TEDxKEA believes in the power of ideas and in the need for these ideas to emerge. We are also an organisation with an affinity for doing things, rather than merely talking about them. With this in mind, we are proud to announce that Networkr will be an official partner at our Emerge event on December 11th, giving you the chance to connect to our speakers and fellow attendees.



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