What’s on Copenhagen April 2014


Electronic darling Tangerine


(Photo: Flickr_Alex)

April 1, 2014

by Allan Mutuku-Kortbæk

Tangerine Dream

Tivoli Concert Hall; Th 3 April, 19:30; 395kr

Tangerine Dream are heavyweight champions in the field of electronic music, having contributed monumentally to music history since they were founded back in the swinging ‘60s in Berlin.
Since then the band’s musicians have come and gone like the tide – today Edgar Froese is the only founder left. 
Capable of trading blows for krautrock supremacy with other titans such as Kraftwerk (who closed last year’s Roskilde Festival), this is Tangerine Dream’s Scandinavian debut and it should be an absolute masterclass.

Lee Ranaldo & The Dust
Rust; Thu 3 April, 21:00; 180kr

(Photo: Flickr_Paul_Hayes)
Lee Ranaldo, who Spin magazine staff identified as the #1 guitarist of all time, used to play in the well-known rock band Sonic Youth. His solo work is even more passionate some say. You can decide for yourself.

Global CPH; Fri 4 April, 20:00; 120kr

(Photo: Flickr_RS-Foto)

TamiKrest are a captivating blues band from Mali, the nation that gave us musicians like Amadou & Mariam and Tinariwen. Global CPH is the perfect venue to experience their soulful music.


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