Music Listings, 20th Dec – Jan 9th

Friday 20th

Sven Houlberg’s 10 year Rust jubilee

Rust; Fri 20th Dec; 23:00, 60 kr

This one ought to be billed as a club night, but given that it encompasses all manner of music genres from house to rocksteady, we’ll call in an experience rather than just a night out. Sven Houlberg has been behind eveything good and great at Rust over the last few years and has taken the liberty of hiring the likes of Danish dancehall dons Eloq, cultural pioneer Esben Weile Kjær, house heads Henri Matisse & Jean Von Baden, techno don Waqar and one of the greatest men in Danish electronic music, Lulu Rouge, all of whom will surely make it a jubilee to remember.

Saturday 21st

Lou R.I.P

Screen shot 2013-12-17 at 7.34.15 PM

R.I.P Lou Reed: pic / The Guardian

Loppen; various artists; Sat 21st Dec; 21:00 30 kr

In the spirit of collaborative culture and sharing, Christiania’s Loppen have come up with the brilliant idea of throwing a Lou Reed cover night that’s open to different bands who’ll have the chance to interpret some of the bygone legend’s hits in their own style. Fan or not, Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground were responsible for some epic moments in music history in their time and his demise earlier this year is a loss for global music culture. Here’s a chance to celebrate Lou, as he is interpreted by some of the city’s alley cats.

Marvelous Mosell

Rust; Marvelous Mosell; Sat 21st Dec; 01:00, 60 kr


Screen shot 2013-12-17 at 7.22.07 PM


The name Marvelous Mossell may seem and sound like that of a cocky dodgy misfit from the hood. The Young Dane’s music however is quite enjoyable, particularly as far as Danish hip-hop goes. Picture Will-Smith Miami-like beats accompanied by sharp, clear rap verses in the mould of Danish artists like Malk De Køjn. A disco-inclined rapper, Mosell’s work cues memories of Melrose place, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and other symbols of the early nineties. It completes a trilogy of solid events at Rust over the festive period, who it has to be said, have outclassed the likes of Vega and other venues on this month’s listings.



Tuesday 24th

Alain Apolloo

Mojos Blues Bar, Tues 24th Dec; 23:00, Free

Screen shot 2013-12-17 at 7.23.31 PM



Alain Apolloo is one of the city’s best musicians; a rare genius on the guitar and a perplexed soul who has found his calling in music. He usually hosts the well-known Monday blues night at Mojo’s, “The Juke Joint” which for music fans is probably the best and only place to enjoy a night out on a Monday, so props are due for him having kept going all these many years in the face of low turnouts. Most people celebrate Christmas eve with the family, but if you’re not planning on doing so or would like to go out later, Mojo’s is the place to be.


Friday 27th

Pumpehuset presents : Black Sun Empire & Codebreaker

Pumpehuset; Fri 27th Dec; 22:00, 80 kr

Screen shot 2013-12-17 at 7.25.05 PM


Pumpehuset have kept the drum n bass flag flying high over the years, having played host to the likes of the legendary Andy C and Sub Focus just this year. A veritable music of the urban underground, drum n bass is not as prevalent as it is in other European capitals but when it does rear it head, it does so with a roaring vengeance that is remembered for months to come. Dance away the lard from your julefrokost stuffing to the sounds of Holland’s Black Sun Empire (think dark, driven drum n bass). He’ll be joined by a host of talented hell-raisers such as M.C Black Daniels and other mainstays of the local scene, on an evening that’s licensed to thrill.

Saturday 28th

 Lianne Caroll

 Jazzhus Monmartre; Sat 28th Dec; 20:00, 325 kr

Screen shot 2013-12-17 at 7.36.00 PM

pic: last Fm

The exorbitant price tag aside, this concert is one of the special amongst the bunch as Jazzhus Monmartre sticks to its endearing tradition of opening between Christmas and the new year. Liane Caroll is the name behind the fame this year; an adroit British pianist with a powerful voice that would be at home in the churches of New Orleans, Caroll is a regular at Ronnie Scott’s in London; a primetime jazz establishment with a rich history around the genre. Local lads Alex Riel and Bo Stief will be helping her out on the night, which, on that note is also hosted in identical fashion on Friday the 27th, in case you can’t make it for Saturday’s show.



Trypical Cumbia, III, Pablo Ferre

Global CPH; Fri 20th Dec; 21:00, 70 krTrypical cumbia is not your typical dose of cumbia; it’s more rave-inclined and mimics tendencies driven home by Balkan music. III on the other hand are a trio of poetically-inclined musicians heavy on the acoustics whilst Pablo Ferre, the third act of the evening is a specialist at acoustic intimacy. It all bodes well for Global Cph’s final concert of 2013.


Rust, Sango, Fri 20th Dec; 01:00, 60 kr

 Part of music promoter Sven Houlberg’s jubilee celebration at Rust on the same evening, Sango has been billed as the cream of the crop on this particular evening. The young American overlays Kanye-West-like vocals across a backdrop of electronica, synth-rich r & b-influenced soundscapes that are not too unlike the experimental works of U.K producer Burial.

Saturday 21st

What Happens, Tim Andresen birthday gig

Culture Box, Sat 21st Dec; 21:00, Free

If Denmark had a house music mafia, this occasion would be their annual general meeting. Danish deejay Tim Andresen will be celebrating his birthday in style with his monthly ‘What Happens’ evening at Culture Box. Flanked by Dennis Horvat Emilio and Steffen H, other long-standing crusader of house and electronic music in Copenhagen, this is probably your best bet for one good last night out before the Christmas festivities.

Screen shot 2013-12-17 at 7.28.51 PM


Saturday 28th

Culture Box, Sat 28th Dec; 21:00, 70 kr

Len Faki’s sound is hefty and driven, the sound of a steam carriage cutting through a foggy Western landscape. Having performed extensively across Europe this year (including a monstrous set at the I love Techno festival in Ghent, Belgium last month), his party-starting credentials are tip top. Flanking him on the evening (playing in the smaller of Culture Box’s two rooms), the boys from the Gartenhaus label (Dennis Horvat & co) will provide a heavy sound to rival.

Screen shot 2013-12-17 at 7.30.34 PM



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