Music Listings, Copenhagen, 6th Dec – 11th Dec

Music listings 6th -11th Dec


 Freestyle Friday rap battle

 Street Mekka; Fri 6th; 20:00, 20 kr

 Rap lovers out there will be delighted by Street Mekka’s rap battle extravaganza as part of the sport’s hall’s monthly “Friday Jam” event that features other cultural disciplines such as dance, basketball and football. Sticking to the music though, the rap battle will take place as it did in New York street corners way back when , albeit this time round the only thing at stake is the glory of winning a prize, as opposed to block ownership, a serious affair for sixteen of the most ambitious underground rappers in the city mind you.


 Roskilde Moments concert

Den Kongelige Teater, Sat 7th; 20:00, 80 kr

 The royal theatre; a fascinating spatiotemporal atmosphere and an emblem of the nation. This particular initiative opens up the sleek confines of the theatre to a broader audience, providing Roskilde festival attendees with a chance to re-live some of their best moments by sending in song requests via email, some of which will then be re-interpreted by the evening’s orchestra. It’s a very interactive concept that’ll involve the audience in the experience and it’s very reasonably priced so for those of you who can’t wait until Roskilde 2014, here’s a chance to go back in time.

 Richard Bruckner

 Ideal Bar; Sat 7th; 20:00, 90 kr

 Richard Bruckner’s music is the perfect soundtrack for dreamy moments of sheer artistic wizardry on a blank canvas. Highly revered in the states, by amongst others, Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, Bruckner’s sound is a long and winding river of tales, narrated by country-esque vocals that could fill the pages of a good book. Complex texts splashed on a rippling backdrop of simple, minimalist instrumentals hide the lack of Bruckner’s vocal prowess rather well, allowing for a musical experience based on him playing to his strengths, storytelling and the aforementioned simplistic approach.

Screen shot 2013-12-01 at 11.55.18 AM

Richard Bruckner (source:  flickr)

 Pasion de Buena Vista

 Amager Bio; Fri 6th; 20:00, 350 kr

 There’s more to Cuba than cigars, Che Guevara and good old Fidel. Aficionados of marquee Cuban orchestra, Buena Vista Social Club will surely be salivating at the prospect of this particular concert. Vocalist Mariela Stiven has been heralded as the de facto Bueno Vista Social Club standard bearer in recent years, keeping the flame of some of the most enigmatic music of last century alive, albeit with a more modernist approach rich in instrumentals and Havana soul. Given that it’s the start of a long, dark winter, the timing couldn’t have arrived at a more apt moment.


 The Lumineers

 Store Vega; Tues 10th; 20:00, 270 kr

 If you dig Mumford and Sons, there’s a high chance that folk trio The Lumineers will be right up your alley. This notwithstanding, it has to be said that their sound is very much their own, even though it does draw parallels with quite a few chamber pop and folk rock acts out there. Prepare for many sing-along moments and positive vibes that’ll take you along a journey of acoustic-rich Americana spun in the narrative of easily-accessible folk influences. There are only a few tickets left for this one, so it should be a sold-out affair.

Screen shot 2013-12-01 at 11.56.46 AM

The Lumineers (source: Lastfm)


 Oh Land

 Store Vega; Wed 11th; 20:00, 250 kr

 Danish singer and New York resident Oh Land is a lady in demand at the moment, stacking up stage appearance in a blockbuster 40-show-plus tour of both Europe and America. Due to her overwhelming local popularity, the 28 year old darling of experimental pop has sold out at Store Vega on the 12th, so this concert is a chance for all those unable to make it then. With a new album, wishbone, in her bag of tricks, Oh Land’s homecoming is an occasion to be heralded.

Screen shot 2013-12-01 at 11.58.13 AM

Oh Land (Source :



 Yes !

Operaen; Fri 6th; 21:00, 60 kr

If Charles Bukowski were alive, he’d be a regular at the Stanley Kubric’s ‘A Clockwork Orange-like” Operaen, in the heart of Christiania. Underground madmen of the electronic music persuasion such as Audiolog and Bekka will be pulling the strings from behind the spinning discs. Expect driven Detroit-influenced techno and sweaty, dripping walls draped in a haze of low lit red and the occasional cheap strobe stab.

Tokimonsta, Esben Wiele Kjær, Kentauwer Bassment

 Rust; Fri 6th; 23:00, 60 kr

 Rust have gone all in on this one, tabling a distinct DJ on each of the Nørrebro’s establishment’s 3 floors. The pick amongst the bunch is Esben Wiele Kjær, blogger, musician and one of the bods behind Denmark’s most artistic festival, Henry’s dream. It’s hard to know what to expect from the night, but servings of decent electronic music are definitely on the menu.

Screen shot 2013-12-01 at 12.00.59 PM

Esben Wiele Kjaer (Source:

Tim Andresen, Jacob Bech

 Culture Box; Fri 6th; 21:00, 50 kr

 Culture Box’s resident veteran Tim Andresen will be doing his thing behind the decks on this particular Friday. Expect tech house tunes, many of which are recent releases on some of the many international and local labels Tim is signed to. Jacob Bech will split the responsibilities on the evening, adding a touch of class from his Balearic past in yes you guessed it, Ibiza.



 Ideal Bar; Wed 11th; 21:00, 60 kr

 Owlle are France’s latest synth-enthused act, following in the traditions of the likes of M83, Chateau Mormont and other synth / dream pop outfits. They’re noisy enough to guarantee a party, and a good event to start at if you’re out to paint the town red (on a Wednesday). Dreamy vocals and wandering synth lines galore.

Screen shot 2013-12-01 at 12.02.30 PM

Owlle (source:

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