Music Listings Copenhagen, November 22nd – 27th



Pumpehuset; Sat 23rd; 21:00, 120 kr

 Linkoban sounds like Azelia Banks gone electro. She also bears many resemblances to Lucy Love, Denmark’s grime-inclined starlet, who, not by any coincidence has directed quite a few music videos for her. Meshing urban, grime-like vocals that would be at home in the UK garage scene of the 90’s, the young Dane’s career blurbs include an airplay ban for vulgar lyrics in China, a critically-acclaimed showing at Roskilde Festival 2012 and even a thumbs up from pop mainstay Boy George, who seemed to quite like her fiesty, Lady-Gaga meets kuduro-esque track ‘ like this’. Prepare to groove.

Trentemøller (extra show)

 Stor Vega; Sat 23rd, 22:00, 275 kr

 Andreas Trentemøller has been very vocal about being pigeonholed by music journalists and the like when it comes to describing the music he plays and with just cause too. Blending everything from Post Punk to indie, the world famous Dj and music producer is in a league of his own when it comes to making and playing music, at home playing in small establishments in Vesterbro, or as was the case a few years ago, at Roskilde’s orange stage, a performance that was one of the best in the history of the festival.

Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 10.11.54 AM

Andreas Trentemøller (source:

Filastine & Nova

 Global cph; Sat 23rd; 21:00, 80 kr

 Filastine and Nova incorporate the percussive sounds of a Middle Eastern bazaar scene with dubstep-esque beat structures that layer over each others like paint colours swirling in a puddle. This, combined with an innovative signing technique through a megaphone gives this particular band an unmistakable identity that unsurprisingly finds itself at home in the eclectic confines of the cosmopolitan Global cph. Filastine is an audiovisual artist residing in Barcelona whilst Nova hails from Indonesia and together the two have made their mark on festivals such as Sonar, filled football stadiums in Casablanca and lived large in small pubs in Hong Kong. Now it’s Nørrerbro’s turn to dance.

Martini’s 5 tet party night

 Charlie Scott’s Jazzbar; Sat 23rd; 22:00, Free

 Few can deny the swagger of Copenhagen’s small but thriving jazz scene. Kira Martini is one of the local songbirds nestled into the fabric of this scene. A self-taught musician for the most part, Martini and her backing band are enjoying 2013, following the release of her latest album, which she promotes mainly through small, intimate gigs at nice locations, in this case the wonderfully named Charlie Scott’s bar. Martini’s music vibrates with the warm candor of samba-strewn Brazilian influences from her experiences in South America which are creatively stitched into a more traditional jazz fabric.

Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 10.13.20 AM

 Kira Martini: (source:


 Black Sabbath

 Forum, Tues 26th; 20:00, 675 kr

 Metal fans will be smacking their lips at the prospect of seeing Black Sabbath play in Copenhagen, in what may well be one of the concerts of the year. Heralded as Metal pioneers, Black Sabbath have been around since the 60’s, making them one of the most established, most experienced music movements around. Fusing apocalyptic themes with fiercely articulated social critique, Black Sabbath’s metal is a pure product that engenders feelings of rebellion, catharsis and sheer enjoyment amongst its users. The astronomic price tag aside, this is a concert that metal fans will surely not want to miss.


 Shantel & Bucovina club Orchestra

 Lille Vega; Thurs 27th; 21:00; 180 kr

 If Balkan Beat mania is up your alley, this is one party you don’t want to miss. Energy-wise, Shantel are up there alongside reputable acts like Manu Chao, Gogol Bordello and Greece’s Locomondo playing epic, typically main room brass-based sounds that’ll leave your feet sore and your throats parched. Playing at Lille Vega may be somewhat of an injustice for a band of such proportions so expect the roof to fly off into the dark sky as the band cuts loose. High on the rush of a newly released album, Shantel are exactly the sort of band to listen to in the cold climes of November.

Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 10.14.33 AM

Shantel & Bucovina (source: lastfm)



 Bitchslap magazine / film fest release

 Bakken; Fri 22nd, 20:00, 30 kr

 There’s another Bitchslap magazine party on the radar, and this time it’s not a launch party, but rather a snowboarding gig in connection with Copenhagen dox. Bakken is the chosen stage for this particular event, which, by Bitchslap’s rollicking party standards, is sure to thrill with a vengeance. Who else throws a BBQ in the middle of November ?

Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 10.16.04 AM

 Beat me # 25 : Ringban, Nector

KB18 kødboderne; Fri 22nd; 22:00, 60 kr

 Two deejay collectives whose members are established names within dance music will be providing the high jinxes in the meatpacking district this particular Friday. Ringbaan hail from the dance-music inclined south of Holland and are creative wanderers within the field of deep house. Nector are closer to home and fuse deep house with a funky, accessible drive, fielding the efforts of amongst others, Henri Matisse and Lou Van, two of Denmark’s well known chums on the circuit.

 Trentemøller & Mount Kimbie afterparty

Ideal Bar; Fri 22nd , 00:30 free

 Both the Trentemøller show and Mount Kimbie at Vega sold out like quality LP’s at a flea market. If you’re hungering for a taste of some of the action, Vega have managed to get Allwedolsthis, to provide all the party action you’ll need for free. The deejay duo are part of the legendary Fat Berri’s blog, and by such virtue, they are party animals through and through.

The Golden Ladies club goes guilty pleasures

 Ideal Bar, Sat 23rd,

Expect r&b and diva songs on this particular evening, which looks to rake in quite a few ladies given that there’s a free gold Tuborg for every girl in the house. Cast as “a night for guilty pleasures,” this seems to be THE ladies night amongst ladies night’s, complete with lady DJ’s. Luck be a lady as Robert Alda would say.

Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 10.17.35 AM


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