Music & Nightlife Listings, Copenhagen, 8th – 14th November

Original article in this week’s edition of The Copenhagen Post



Pumpehuset; Fri 8th; 21:00, 170 kr

Fallulah has,over the last few years, become something of a household name in Denmark, ousting the likes of Medina and Ida Corr off their perches in local pop circles. The half Romanian, half Danish starlet sings high-pitched pop songs that echo with lofty lightheartedness, for which she has been nominated for and won many prestigious local awards and drawn comparisons with bands such as Florence the Machine and even Adele. Her second album since her 2010 breakthrough hit the shelves at the start of the year to popular delight, so expect a solid concert with a solid fan base to compliment Fallulah’s stage efforts.

Gold Panda

Rust; Fri 8th; 20:00, 120 kr

Something of a cosmopolite, Peckham-born Gold Panda was raised in Essex, has lived in Japan and studied African and Oriental studies in London. His music oozes with a creative verve that’s wired on witty, uplifting percussive sequences that meander randomly within the confines of electronic music. His work is of the similar artistic quality as artistes such as Jon Talabot, Burial and Four Tet; littered with numerous impulses from his cultural affiliations, in particular the oriental sounds that echo Tokyo’s glittering neon night skyline and busy streets. This is the pick of the lot for this week’s listings and Rust have amped their stock significantly by bringing him in.

Screen shot 2013-11-08 at 3.27.40 PM


Global Cph; Fri 8th; 21:00, 80 kr

What do most people know about Madagascar aside from the exotic depictions given by the popular animated films of the same name ? Teta is a skilled guitarist from the distant island whose music teems with the bonhomie feel of faraway coconut beaches kissed by the ebbing tide of a vast ocean. It’s not too unlike the music of fellow African band, Mokoomba, who performed one of the best concerts of the year at Roskilde’s cosmopol arena in the summer. Global Cph have pulled off a masterstroke here, as the dementors of the deep, dark Nordic winter descend and complicate everyone’s November.


Jermaine Cole

Store Vega; Sun 10th; 20:00, 320 kr

As the man long heralded as Jay Zee’s leading protégé, Jermaine Cole remains one of the progressive forces in the rap industry de jour, burdened with a hefty load of expectation and stardom that he seems to take calmly in his stride. Cole’s musicianship combines a subtle yet sleek and powerful narrative that sticks it to the system with an uncommon valour. Having sold out last time he was on these shores, Cole, jets into town for what will be the first stop on his European tour, so expect a packed venue.

Screen shot 2013-11-08 at 3.30.12 PM

The Cold War in Music

The Royal Theatre; Sun 10th, 15:00, 150 kr

East meets West here as the royal theatre attempts to re-enact cold war tensions and trivialities through a reproduction of some of the emblematic compositions of the era. Samuel Barber’s ‘adagio for strings’ is one of the most sentimental pieces of music ever made and you can hear it on the evening as interpreted by the royal theatre choir. (Cue David Lynch’s film “Elephant Man”). Other pivotal reproductions include works by the likes of Dmitrij Sjostakovitj and Sofia Gubaidulina, many of which are hinged on the imaginary bridge between the political East and West divide which some of the artists mentioned tried to build by emigrating from East to West.


Sebastien Lind

Lille Vega; Tues 12th, 20:00, 175 kr

Sebastien Lind is a young singer-songwriter from Funen who’s been gaining quite a bit of attention in recent years. Graced with a decent vocal range and a deep sentimentality, Lind’s music is either the stuff of broken hearts or, at other moments, accessible and pop-inclined, with vocal twists that resemble the sounds of bands such as TurboWeekend and Kashmir. Lind’s recent pop- inclination away from his singer-songwriter ethos may be one of the underlying reasons for his ever-growing popularity, underscored by plans for a European tour in 2014. Catch him while you still can in the confines of Lille Vega.

Screen shot 2013-11-08 at 3.31.08 PM



Watsky vs Wax

Rust; Fri 8th; 01:00, 80 kr

Watsky is an American Youtube sensation whose cocky take on rap has seen him entertain audiences as part of Russel Simmon’s famous comedy show. The title of his European tour, dubbed ‘The hug A hater tour’ tells you all you need to know about what to expect. If Eminem were polite and courteous this is who he’d be.

Kulturshot with Niconé

KB18; Fri 8th; 00:00, 80 Kr

Kulturshot fizzes cocktails, music and live performances together within the grunge aesthetics of the unbeatable meatpacking district. This club night is headlined by Niconé, a household name in the clubscape of Berlin, having held residencies at clubs like Kater Holzig, Sisyphos and the popular Watergate. With no less than six deejays on the evening, other local talents like Faroese lad Brynjolfur will be putting in shifts behind the decks for what has all the makings of a great evening in Kødbyen.

Red Box Bonanza, feat Daniel Savi, Dan M, Kasper Marrot

Culture Box; Fri 8th, 21:00, 50 kr

A low-key night by Culture Box’s standards that features one of the legends of the closed Dunkel bar nightclub, a bastion of European club culture in its time. Daniel Savi held a legendary residency at Dunkel and is seldom seen playing these days, so here’s a chance to experience something rare. No guarantees about any of the other names though.

Screen shot 2013-11-08 at 3.32.13 PM


Lou Van & Allan Skov

Karrierebar; Sat 9th, 22:00, Free

Of all the Kødbyen clubs, Karrierebar is the closest to commercial mainstream music as one can come. They’ve got their usual man Allan Skov on the decks for this evening and he’ll be joined by Lou Van, host of Denmark’s popular Unga Bunga electronic music shakedown on P3, so expect a tweak in the dance qualities of the music.


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