Revoke this Swindle- my stab at the fast food industry

Revoke this swindle !

Life cheated, robbed, pillaged

Your soul vilified

In the smoke of a chrome kitchen

Plastered in lard

Ten thousand mentally famished

Ten thousand more beyond repair

And two devoid of the slightest hope

The chaos has started

The ship is in full sail,

A sinking bastion of integrity

Yes sir’s the order, work harder they said so the hull doesn’t breach

And uncle Ronnie and auntie Pat can have their fill

Cram their stomachs till gas does them apart

Glee on an ignorant face

Rain in a typhoon

Revoke this swindle !

For life meant a bit more

Than industrialized food chains

And bursting meals plastered in lard

served with the wit of a dimwit

And the sleaze of greed

Who managed to rob my sweat and my tears

But not my will nor my integrity

Fuck McDonald’s and the fast food industry- fuck the incompetent gits that dreamt up the idea of meals served on wheels, and the soul-less consumers who thronged with such zest to a eateries crammed with thoughtless souls just like themselves.


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