Roskilde Festival Tops

Sigur Ros: I didn’t see or hear Sigur Ros, I experienced them. A purifying, serene concert that reverberated with an other-worldly character that no other musicians can pull off. Sigur Ros had the crowd spellbound from the word go.


Chinese Man : The dons of French turntablism, Chinese Man were on peak form at their show at Cosmopol, in a performance that straddled the territories of dub, drum & bass, dubstep, classic reggae and hip-hop and included a visual show of epic proportions.


Of Monsters and Men: Another Icelandic band whose music is a beautiful live experience. The Chamber pop visionaries showed why they are as popular a band as they are know with a well crafted performance at Roskilde’s arena


Chase n Status: To think that drum n bass would headline one of the shows at the Orange stage and do so with such panache. A seismic cover of Rage of The Machine’s ‘Killing in the Name of’ was the highlight of their late night furore.


Animal Collective: Animal Collective are the epitome of the modern day psychedelic band, complete with a trippy, kaleidoscopic show that transformed Roskilde’s Arena into a brilliant journey through sound and space. 


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