Can Collectors Dancing At Roskilde Festival

Roskilde Festival is Scandinavia’s largest festival. Held in the pastoral town of Roskilde, the festival has hosted many impressive acts over the years. Unfortunately, the festival seems to have lost some of its original aims and as such, much of Roskilde today is all about drinking as much as one can and trashing the camping grounds, which are left in a miserable, tattered state of affairs at the end of it all. Part of the tidying up during the event itself takes place through the efforts of numerous bottle and can collectors who pick up empty beverage containers which they then cash in for money at different checkpoints around the festival. Such efforts aid the environment and the can  collectors themselves who rely on what they collect to earn a living. Many of these pant collectors come are part of ethnic minorities in Denmark, such as the Roma or Africans, the vast majority of whom are probably in the country illegally. In a form of money making in which there is little or no legislation to protect them, they often end up working under tough physical and psychological conditions. Furthermore, the sight of Roma or African people cleaning up after others only helps to reinforce negative cultural stereotypes in a world of racial hegemonies unjust, racially-influenced power structures. With this said, it was wonderful to come across two bottle collectors who broke the norms of their “roles” at Roskilde and joined in the party, like everyone else. Whether they put on this entertaining performance to earn more money through can collection or whether they were simply enjoying themselves as much as they could is immaterial. They spread some great karma at the Apollo stage, wowed the crowd and evinced the creative spirit that Roskilde festival is all about. I didn’t see Rihanna’s show at the Orange Stage create such a phenomenon, did you ?


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