The Rise of House Music in South Africa

House is a feeling, not a music genre.

By comparison to many other music genres of the modern day, House music ( this does not include that tripe that David Guetta and his friends have popularised recently) maintains a very open, all-inclusive ethos as far as the people who are involved in it.

House begun in the industrial heartlands of Detroit and Chicago in the late seventies and early eighties before migrating to Europe later on and of course evolving into sub-genres and genres within sub genres. It’s now made it as far as South Africa, where it’s taken on a refreshingly percussive form, rich in the stories and culture of post-Apartheid South Africa.  As in Detroit and Chicago, House, once the music of downtrodden minorities is now the soundtrack of everyone’s lives, providing hope and inspiration to many young people in modern day South Africa.

Resident Adviser posted a 20 min documentary about the House Scene in South Africa featuring short interviews with some of the main players in the industry. Enjoy:




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