Vesterbro Festival : May 2012

When In Vesterbro…Do as The Vesterbroers Do.

Vesterbro Copenhagen, home of Tivoli, Istedgade, the world -famous meat-packing district and of course Vesterbro Festival, the borough’s very own annual music extravaganza.

Vesterbro Festival, which this year will hold it’s tenth anniversary is a festival dedicated specifically to up and coming acts on the local scene. The idea behind the 2 day event, which showcases the talents of around 80 newcomers on Denmark’s music scene is to introduce relatively unknown bands to the public. For the performing acts, the event is something of a springboard towards bigger and better things, so expect many passionate, well-rehearsed performances. We’ve taken the liberty of hand-picking several cutting-edge names for you to look out for:


Vesterbro Thrash rock enthusiasts, LSD on CIA sound like something like an intense, pulsating mix between The Clash and local progressive rock lads Veto. Their live shows are an aggressive, high-octane blend of intense instrumentation and punk-influenced antics so don your dancing shoes and prepare to groove. With 3 years of experience under their belt that’s seen the trio perform as far out as Sziget Festival in Hungary, expect a quality, adrenaline-charged performance on their home turf.

Indiana Dawn

For those up for less head-banging, singer-songwriter Indiana Dawn features a rhythmic country-oriented music that’s guaranteed to sooth the soul. Backed by witty, powerful lyricism and sentimental guitar sequences, Indiana Dawn offers a more subtle approach to this year’s festival.

Artificial Brothers

Think alternative rock that draws quite a few comparisons with the music of Turboweekend. Artificial Brothers are a quintet all the way from Thisted, whose debut album “Make Our Hearts Sway” is set to drop just a few days after their performance in Vesterbro.

Dee Brown

At the tender age of 16, Dee Brown, or Daniel Bruhn Jensen is one of the most talented new kids on the block in the circles of underground house. Having honed his skills at some of Copenhagen’s most revered nightlife installations (Dunkel , Rustand the legendary T.S bar to name a few) Dee Brown looks set to set Vesterbro alight at this year’s festival.


Another prodigious talent in the field of electronic music, 19 year old Patrick Madsen produces and plays contemplative, quirky music not too different to that of Glitch-hop sensation Pretty Lights, who will be performing at Roskilde this June.

The Unusual History of Ether

The Unusual History of Ether features the haunting lyrics of Irish Singer-songwriter Rebecca Collins and Danish guitarist Mikkel Plough with Jeppe Skovbakke of I Got You on Tape on bass duties. Their sound is deep, dreamy and piercing; a refreshingly different approach that’s sure to win over a few hearts.

Ulla Nova

Last but not least, Ulla Nova, a music experiment consisting of Danish songstress Ulla Nova’s soothing, almost angelic vocals fused with British producer Chris Thomaidis’ lightweight electronic pop beats in the background.

Where: Den Brun Kødby, Vesterbro (Entrance via Halmtorvet)

When: 25th / 26th May

Price: A two-day ticket will set you back a good 80 DKK. One day tickets cost 50 DKK



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