Ruc Career Fair 2012

Original article: Roskilde University , Papaya Magazine March 2012 ( 


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When I told one of my friends about RUC’s annual career fair, he playfully remarked that he wasn’t quite ready to sell himself to capitalism and the corporate world yonder. Couldn’t he simply study forever, he wondered ?

My response was that in order for one to fight the perils and imperfections of the system within which we live, one must be a part of it, at least to start off with. Leftist sentiments aside, RUC’s career fair is more than a marketplace that different companies flock to seek out talented future employees. In fact, the day as I saw it was a rather educating experience that gave participants the chance to find out a thing or two about the process of applying for a job at the end of ones studies.


Ruc’s career fair first sprouted to life in 2010, and since then, along with the well-known year party (Årsfest) it’s grown to be one of the marquee events at our university. According to Sune Kaspar Testrup-Friis, the main man behind the formation and running of the fair, RUC’s career fair is one that tries to differentiate itself somewhat from more traditional fairs. “It’s about going further than than focusing solely on newly graduated students. Of course it’s about companies coming in and presenting themselves, however as the organisers of the fair we expect companies to understand that there many students at RUC do projects that do project work that involves them working with various organisations and so on and therefore students that aren’t that far along in their studies can participate in the fair as well.” Sune told me, with an air of diplomacy. This being so, the career fair, held in the canteen at the start of March, saw 32 different stalls setup shop; 4 from RUC, 8 from various trade unions and 22 from companies such as Danske Bank, Google, IBM, Nykredit and TopToy, attracting students from all manner of houses in what was the most successful carrer fair at RUC to date.

The success of this year’s event gives the organisers of the fair plenty to hope for as far as the years to come are concerned. Sune envisions sees the event as an opportunity for closer working relations between the career fair organisers and organisations such as Frit Forum as well as a more socially-oriented fair structure that could involve a Friday bar at the end of it all.

Here’s a list the companies that took part:

Dansk Standard
Deloitte Consulting
Erhversforum Roskilde
Femern Belt Development
Næstved Kommune
Roskilde Festival
Work In Denmark
RUC- Bliv Klogere på En PHD (Get smarter with a PHD)
RUC Innovation
RUC Job Bank
SKAT (Tax)
Femern Belt Development

Check out the career fair page for more info:


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