What’s On Copenhagen

Original article : Roskilde University, Papaya magazine, Summer 2011: www.thepapayamag.com


Concerts you may just take a liking to :

September: 19th Sept, Vega : Friendly Fires : Funky London disco kids Friendly Fires retun to Denmark for a presentation of their highly anticipated album “Pala” Check out the concert if you’e up for a steamy night filled with plenty of grooves and funk. 180 DKK presale / 200 at the door.

22nd Sept, Vega: Fat Freddy’s Drop: Dub standouts Fat Freddy’s Drop look set to rip the roof off Vega in a few weeks time as their highly rated improv-heavy performance checks in. Expect the unexpected; dub, ska, reggae, soul, funk…anything and everything goes. 245 DKK presale / 265 DKK at the door October

8th October, Vega: Anna Calvi. Brit sensation Anna Calvi, known in some circles as being the biggest star since Patti Smith makes her debut on Danish soil. Anna Calvi’s eponymous album released earlier this year was nominated for the BBC sound of 2011 so the expectations are high from the onset. 180 DKK presale / 200 DKK at the door.

29th September:, Vega: The Raveonettes. Stadium fillers The Raveonettes have enterntained local as well as international masses for over 10 years now. Hot on the heels of a decent performance at this year’s Roskilde Festival, Denmark’s rock darlings look set to deliver an entertaining showcase of their minimalistic garage rock album “Raven in The Grave” 20 DKK of every ticket bought will be sent to aid the drought in the horn of Africa. 210 DKK presale / 230 at the door

15th October, Vega: I Got You on Tape .: The exciting indie prospects have got a new album coming out later on this month and are looking to present it at Vega a month and a half or so from now. I Got You on Tape are one of the most promising Indie emergents on the Danish scene, appealing to an international market more than they do locally in keeping with bands such as the Raveonnettes, which says something bold about their music. 170 DKK presale /190 DKK at the door

20th October, Vega: CHEIKH LÔ: The Colourful, and enigmatic Cheikh LÔ looks set to warm a few hearts with his tender blend of African, Carribbean and South American influenced music. LÔ’s impassioned vocals and lively instrumentation is at the forefront of modern day African music, so check out his show if you”re in need of a venture out of the ordinary. 200 DKK presale / 220 DKK at the door.

22nd October, Vega: Digitalism: Hamburg’s answer to France’s “Justice” will cause an absolute eruption at Vega when the perform in a month and a half or so from now. Rarely has a band walked the fine line between rock and dance music with as much swagger as the Hamburg duo, who recently unleashed a swashbuckling new album to folllow up on the success of the debut work “Idealism.” Prepare to be rocked ! 230 DKK presale / 250 at the door

28th October, Vega : Lucy Love: Denmark’s first lady of grime, a hitherto under-repped genre heads to Vega for a concert that won’t do anything to dent her rise to fame locally and internationally. Love’s shows have been hailed for their energy, enthusiasm and colour, so brace yourselves for a show that’ll leave you awestruck. 150 DKK presle / 170 at the door

28th October, Amagerbio: Sean Kuti & Egypt 80: Sean Kuti re-traces the footsteps of his legendary father, Fela Kuti, performing with the very same band his old man hacked it with back in the day. If his highly hyped performance at Roskilde back in June was anything to go by, expect real value for money from an artist who blends everything from powerful Yoruba influences, saxophone stabs and contemporary hip-hop interjections. 330 DKK presale / 380 at the door .




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