From Oslo to Copenhagen- Nordic solidarity

Trying to find words to describe the merciless massacre of 86 innocent people that took place in Oslo and Utøya is next to impossible. The drastic tragedy that has befallen the peace-loving, liberal land of Norway will go down as one of the worst incidents in the history of the nation and forever live in infamy in the minds of everybody who witnessed it.
Of particular concern, over and above the irreparable cruelty that has been inflicted upon an entire nation , is the radical right-wing sentiment that Anders Breivik cited as cause for his actions. His 1516 page long manifesto published hours before his undeterred rampage is a document that, in addition to speaking out against the idea of multicultural societies, draws inspiration from numerous far-right political parties, organisations and ideologies in modern day Europe.
And whilst the actions of an individual that would stoop to such macabre a medium of airing his opinion cannot and should not be seen to represent anybody else’s views other than his own, it is more obvious than ever before that the rise of the far-right in Europe is more prevalent now than it has been in over half a century.
Politics aside, irrespective of his viewpoint, Breivik’s actions were anything but the heroic moment of self glory that he hoped they would be. His brutality has shaken us all yet Norway has stood firm and steadfast as a nation in the wake of this unprecedented attack on her democratic ideals. The solidarity that has been shown all around Norway, Denmark and Sweden over the last few days is a clear a sign as any of the better nature in us all. It is this better nature that can and must prevail today and forevermore in the face of hatred, xenophobia and political ideals that threaten to overwhelm the progress of the societies within which we live.
Thank you so much to the thousands that turned up at Gammeltorv, Copenhagen earlier today with candles, flowers and empathy.  The warmest of thoughts and the meekest of sentiments to dear Norway at this dark and decadent moment in world history.
Copenhagen  ♥  Oslo

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